Xbox One dashboard with transparent tiles spotted

[/img]Oops. Major Nelson, the prominent figure behind the Xbox One console, was streaming content recently and it looks like he accidently let slip an updated UI for the console. As you can see in the image at the top of the post, it looks like transparent tiles will soon be coming to the platform.

The updated tiles give the interface a more modern look but do not appear to add any new functionality. Besides the tiles, it des not look like there is much ese new in the screenshot.

While Microsoft is not pushing out an update for the month of December, we expect this update, along with some other new features, to arrive in January when the team returns to their monthly releases of dashboard updates.

After seeing the tiles, do you like the new look? While we don’s know if Microsoft will let you toggle the transparency on or off, considering how they are quite flexible with customization, it would not surprise us if this was an option.


Forget transparent tiles fix the lag on the DASHBOARD!

I really haven;t noticed any lag on mine. Have you done a hard reset to try and fix it (shouldn’t have to with this next gen “performance”)?

I’m all for updates, big or small so this works for me.

I also get incredible lag on the dash and have tried everything. It works for the most part but sometimes loading friends or achievements takes forever and thats if it doesn’t crash the app. Terrible UI but hopefully they work on this.

Everytime I talk about lag on the Xbox One “you’re the only one that doesn’t get the lag.”

100% - When messages snap on the side too sometime it doesn’t load.

Loading friends, viewing messages, when I click middle button about a 1-2 second delay sometimes before I get to the dash.

I don’t get any lag

Well Gengar, not everybody has lag issues with the xbox one dashboard. I know when I first purchased my xbox one the day it was released, I would notice after I got an achievement or message, it would take its good old sweet time loading it up, and moving from section to section was a real pain in the arse, sometimes it would go like 2 or 3 FPS, then I would clear out my system cache, and turn back on my console and bam it worked like it was fresh out of the box. Over time though, with each update that was released, there was no longer a need to clear out my system cache as often, if even at all. Do you have the extended warranty on your xbox one? If so then you should definitely give XCS a call and have them send you a replacement console.

gengar is right, I get that lag, when I press and hold the dashbutton ((the big middle button)) it comes up after about 5-7 seconds and then I cant select “power down” because the lag has caught up on the thing needed as the cursor is still moving in the background.

the lag is so bad that when I start up the crew the ubisoft logo actually freezes while the signature noise plays, this happens every single time.

the big issue with xbox one is that there is far to many things running in the background, I get connection issues a lot with the xbox one but virtually none on the 360.

Microsoft needs to allow us to stop all the un-needed background processes, why in the hell would be want to have 3 os’s going at the same time while playing a game.

While it may be 3 OS’s, there is the xbox os, and the windows custom kernel, it is the hypervisor that links both OS’s together. Without the hypervisor being able to link those 2 together, we would not be able to run games or apps properly.

Now as for the background processes such as games and apps running in the background, if you hit the menu button on any app that you have just exited out of, you can actually permanently cut off the game or app process just like that. I know it is a bit of a hassle, but it will most likely stop the xbox one dashboard from running real slow for you.

how come xbox 360 doesn’t get it

Doesnt get what?

a transparent tiles

The xbox 360 doesnt have the capabilities to do transparent tiles. On top of that, the xbox 360 hasnt recieved a dashboard update in almost 2 years. Microsoft is more focused on updating the xbox one console to meet consumer expectations on the xbox feedback website.

Most people do…

While a I went through like 3 pages of those comments, I saw that a lot of those comments were spread out over time, with the most recent one being on December 10th. The amount of comments was about 165 people who had reported about not having the issue or reported as having the issue.

6,228 Votes out of almost 7 million Xbox Live users on the Xbox One is .089 percent of the users who voted on it, and who also had a problem with the dashboard.

I don’t know why you’re arguing that you experience ZERO lag on this console.

~ Just end it.

I dont know if you did or didnt read all of my post that you quoted an hour ago, but i did say that in the beginning when I first got my Xbox One, I had problems with the dashboard and other things that had to do with the dashboard. Now with all the updates that they have released, I am not experiencing any problems with the dashboard anymore. Why dont you just take my advice and call up Xbox Customer Support and tell them about. If you have the extended warranty, then you should be able to get a replacement Xbox One sent out to you at no charge and then send yours back to them.