Xbox One E101 update error fix and tutorial

So I made a thread on the Se7ensins website about how I fixed the E101 update error. The link is here: Im not sure if im allowed to link to other sites or forums but I thought it would be easier to do that instead of retyping the whole tut and explanation here. Feel free to link to this thread or the se7ensins forum but please give me credit as i wrote the tut. Basically the fix involves plugging the Xb1 HDD into your computer, copying the A and B folders in the “system update” partition, format the “system update” partition using NTFS, copy the A and B folders back into the new partition, replacing the A folder files with the files from a “offline system update diagnostic tool” found from (I used the OSUDT1 files), placing the “updater” file from the “offline system update diagnostic tool” folder into the “system update” partition. DONE! I figured the error is caused by corrupted updater files and files found in the system update partition.


Useful but a little hard to read.

sorry, newb here. how do i create a thread of my own? I’m not seeing a link… any help would be lovely. (sorry for posting out of topic i just didnt know where to start)

You made a thread. You can copy and paste your tutorial in a new thread in the tutorial section. Should mostly copy over easily with little editing.

Select a section which is relevant for the topic of subject you want to create and then click “+ Post a new thread” near the top of the web page.