Xbox One Preview Program Nearing Capacity

[/img]Xbox one owners have had the ability to sign up for the console’s ‘Preview Program’ for quite a while now, but it looks like access to the program will soon become limited. The Xbox One Preview Program allowed users to test new features and functionality before they were released to the public, making it a beta test of sorts for Xbox One updates.

Taking to the Xbox Preview Program forums, Microsoft revealed that they would be sending out less invitations for the program. The sudden inundation of individuals signing up for the Preview Program is likely due to the backwards compatibility feature being tested.

Microsoft’s statement on the forums reads as follows:

“Due to a tremendous response from our fans, the Xbox Preview program has reached a near-capacity level. With that in mind, we are slowing the number of new people we are accepting to optimize for testing. We are thankful for the amount of interest we’ve received to date and look forward to sharing more details on preview opportunities soon.”


Anyone willing to invite me into the program? I would be very grateful :smile:

Mi gamertag es JOSSEANM mandame la solicitud y un mensaje y yo te invito al programa preview de xbox one