Xbox Slim PC Case Liquid Cooling

Finally… I have been trying to join this site for a while and always kept saying i did not have the correct permission to post and all that, followed my activation emails and nothing, finally i decided to PM an Admin, and my account is all up and running now.

Posting my work log onhere for you all to see and i apreciate any help and ideas that you have, im always looking for people with new ideas and a different way to see and build thing.

Sorry about the project log, im a few weeks ahead, but will keep this site more updated.

I need a name for this project any ideas ?

This project is based on the Lian Li PC - Q08B and a Slim Xbox 360.

Thanks to Asetek Liquid Cooling and Fractal Design for sponsering the build up and helping out with parts.

The case is pretty much exactly the same height as the original Xbox Slim case. Just wider, I dont want to go bigger, want to be able to keep it on the tv cabinet. IT is a fair bit wider then the Xbox Slim but for everything it can do im not to worried about the width of the case.

Introducing my first sponser for this case. Helping out towards the case with a 545LC Performance Liquid CPU Cooler.

Thanks to Fractal Design for the sponser, helping me out with some fans, 120mm and 140mm fans.

Fans will look nice in the case, definatly better then the stock fans that came with the Lian Li.

So this is where i am in the build up this week.

These Fractal Design Fans suit this case perfectly.

Motherboard mounted

Showing how the back part of the case will be, i have drawn up to scale the design for the rear ports of the Xbox. I will get this made up laser cut or something similar.

Thanks again to Asetek, i recieved my Liquid Cooling today. Got it open and started working out ideas how to make it all work together. Using the Intel Retention Ring i will have to drill my own holes to make this work, i will have to plan this out properly, still working things out.

Removed the Xbox heatsink

New motherboard tray, wasnt to happy with the old one and this will make the Asetek Liquid Cooling easier for me to mount, also can run my 12V and 5V wires underneath the board, its worth spending the extra time it will make all the difference.

Aluminium sheet, cut at 8.5" x 8.5" i will be using PC Motherboard stand off. Drill and tap to fit, and will all be resprayed matte black.

Thermal paste removed

major props on this; looks like its gonna be very nice.

something i should invest in doing for as much as my xbox is on.

The slim wouldnt need Liquid Cooling, so far no real problems with over heating, im just doing it cause i thought i would try it.

This is so incredibly overkill. But I love this sorta thing. Nice one.

Got the stand offs mounted in the new motherboard tray, i wanted to lift this so i have room to fit the X Clamp back underneath to help with mounting the Asetek Liquid Cooling.

Sorry if i post to many pictures, i like to take photos of everything so if someone else trys something similar they have the photos to help out.

Its look good so far, Wish i wasnt such a noob and could do something like this haha

oh, i see what you did there.

Awesome, I always love a good PC mod log, I usually don’t see to many 360 ones. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

Have any thoughts of mounting the ugly and big power brick on the inside?

Looking good. Can’t wait to see the finial product.

Starting to work on the mounting of the block. Just roughly dry fitting and seeing how i can make this all work.

Looks good so far. Makes me want to start ordering parts.

Looks beast. Put some LEDs in it. I really wish I had the money to do this!

On Christmas day at 12.06 i finally got the first test done, its working. Ran it for a while and all seems good so far, i have never done anything like this, no water cooling before so it was pretty exciting to get it all going tonight / this morning.
Pump was a little noisy at first but im guessing it was just getting rid of the air and 30 seconds later it was back to quiet, alot better then the older Xbox 360, i would rather listen to the small noise of the pump then original fans.
The Fractal design fans, are quiet also, i havent had much experience with PC fans, but i dont even notice these ones on, running full speed. Once its all inside the case im sure i will hear even less. Excellent Christmas present to myself getting it done and running.
Cant wait to be playing Skyrim on this Xbox.

That’s pretty bad a*s , I might try this with my old Xbox.Looking forward to see it when it’s completely finished!

This is a nice one dude.

And what made you think to do this.

I have been following PC Case Mods for a while now. I wanted to try something out with my own project, but didnt want to try squish it into a stock case. So i thought i would try a computer case.

Make me one next! :wink:

haha it looks amazing though.

Yes! I love hardware mods. You don’t see them anymore and they are the only ones I am capable of doing.
Amazing job on this man and I am excited to see how it all works out

Thanks for the nice comments, some more progress today.
Tested the Xbox for around 6 hours. Im addicted to Skyrim now.
Temps seemed pretty low, not alot of heat coming from the Xbox, when it is all installed inside the case with extra fans i should be able to lower the overall heat.

Painted the Motherboard tray. Started with sanding lighly with 400 Grit and put down a coat of etch primer, helps the paint bond better with aluminium then a coat of surface primer to level out any imperfections. Finished off with a coat of matte black.

The wind got pretty strong outside so i had to take it down to dry.

It looks great.