Xbox Suddenly Loading Very Slow

Just recently I have noticed that everything on my 250 GB Slim Xbox 360 has been loading extremely slow. When I sign in after I turn my xbox on, it takes around 30 seconds for the dashboard to load up, yet most of the icons are still trying to load. This is the same for any offline profile too, my connection is fine. I tried clearing my system cache multiple times but that doesn’t seem to help. I cannot update any games because the downloads do not move at all.

That’s odd because that’s what is happening me too… dunno if it has to do with network connection

Download FATXPlorer, load up your drive in the Toolkit view, and click “Install Optimized System Folders”. I’m not sure if this will help or not, but it’s worth a try.

It’s Xbox Live itself. They have been having many issues this weekend, kind of ruins my chances at 2XP since I can’t access any of my games stored on the HDD. I have a 320GB with more than 250GB left and it’s loading things slow.

Check Xbox LIVE Service Status - when things like this happen.

I also find it useful to follow XboxSupport since they always tweet about current issues. This is helpful if you use Twitter.

How could xbox live possibly change the load times of games on your HDD?

Will an old hard drive transfer cable work with the 250 GB HDD.

As long as it is an old style hard drive.

I am pretty sure it is the new one, you have to take off the side of the xbox to get the hard drive out.

If you have a desktop just use a sata cable and then a sata connector from your psu


I am not the only one. I was about to smash this dang thing.

Takes ages to load.

I would love to put a ssd into that slow sloth.

This could be a HDD failure in progress, happened to my phat before, sent it in as I had warrenty and was told my HDD was failing and had to replace it for a new one, try removing your HDD and using a USB one and see if it loads faster.

On the other hand after giving it some thought it could be a BIOS problem, the Xbox 360 BIOS could of been corrupted in your last UI update, proberly not tho but it’s worth exporing since the BIOS controls load up after all.

It may be because the Xbox 360 is now an old peace of technology and the fact of how advance they updated the dashboard and all the highly powerfull apps the xbox 360 can support now days

Yeah, to me it sounds like your drive might be giving up. Mine did this. First things slowed down, then I started getting “Format Hard Drive”, then I was able to grab a couple things off and then it went poof.

Xbox is preparing an update. When they announce " DURANGO" it should load. Much faster. The update will revolve around Durango. As well as have some nice features and videos involving the E3 announcements on Durango.

My source is private.

When did I say anything about Durango?

just clear the cache of your xbox and it will work

I mentioned in the thread that I did that multiple times with no success.

FeeZ, try booting it without an Internet connection. It’s probably loading slow because XBL has been unstable all weekend.

Ever since 16197, the console tries to connect to XBL a lot more, so performance can suffer if there is a slow connection/servers.

It is unlikely that your storage devices are the cause of these performance issues.

Well you could go to HDD and see al the games if you have some games that have a yellow triangle delete it that slow down the Xbox

Corrupt content files have no impact on the performance of the device. The system was designed to handle every possible corruption scenario and counter them gracefully.