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Xbox won't copy paste

I copy pasted many times on xex menu hut now if I paste from my USB to the Xbox the loading screen stays for a fragment of a second them dissapers and if I try in fmb dash it says operation failed

Are you using Horizon? Also, which game are you trying to mod?

1 im copy pasting my game from my usb to my xbox 360 hard drive

and im not moding it just tring to send it from usb to hard drive

You need to be more clear about what you’re trying to do. The loading screen on what only stays for a fragment of a second?

Please provide as much information as possible and we should be able to help.

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The loading screen saying etc out of etc left when you past somethong stays for a blink of an
Eye then stop

Xex menu still infroms you on which directory the copy is from , I have been working with xexmenu for 2 years and this never happened before

Is that clearer?

I have a better idea of what you’re talking about now.

Are you sure the directory path or whatever it’s called didn’t get changed? Or is the storage device you’re trying to copy the item to possibly too full to accept it? If neither of those are the possible issue you could also try deleting XeX from the Xbox and try reinstalling it to see if that fixes the issue.

i checked and its not full and i reinstalled xexmenu still have problem

but what do you mean by changed directory