XboxMB's Unofficial Proxy Website!

NEWS: (October 9 2011) the proxy has been revived - after TONS months of it being dead I have decided to bring it back with a name that schools will NOT block.

This is our final site

Website URL:

Yes, there are advertisements on the site. They will help us keep this going and make some $ for us instead of you guys having to donate.
I decided on this name because I wanted an easy name to remember and make it so schools would have to work harder to detect it.

Before we start, make sure to clear your web browsers history if at a school so it will take longer for them to block it.

This site is suppose to bring you a safe and easy way to access sites that are blocked at your school and/or you want to use it’s cool features for your own use at home or on the go! If you ever have a problem please feel free to PM me here or contact my AIM.

Rules to using the proxy:

  • Never visit illegal sites that could get us in trouble
  • No porn sites
  • Respect the site and its visitors and do not hack us :smiley:
  • Have fun!

How we keep you safe:
Every 4 hours we clear our cache and history so nobody will be able to track you down if they crack our website. If you did something wrong PM me and I will manually clear the logs of everything just for your safety.

Things to come (Hopefully):

  • Brand new mainpage GUI

Fixes to be done/in progress:

  • Fix some of the text on the site. Make it cleaner.

Known errors (FIXED means its fixed): Line Number 121, Column 88: FIXED


I’m going on Gamebattles :smile:

Im hosting this shiz!
Just informing you guys :wink:

I don’t care >.<

lol thanks

This may come in handy one day.
To everyone else, I made the layout :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :smiley:

Nice…just went to 200 different p o r n site. =)

I will try this when I get to school.

Thanks Brooski!

Can’t you get suspended for using these?

wtf I went to Google and it took me to the French version? :laughing:

My school blocks proxies :confused:

Wow, bet as soon as i go on this my School will Hunt it down, and Block it.

sorry but its glypes server that allows us to run encrypted.

I can try to find a plug-in for english but not sure.

Seems like just having ‘proxy’ in the name it will be blocked…

Using the word proxy isn’t a good idea. A lot of schools filter by words so if you type something like it will still be blocked by some.

I know, I’m thinking about changing the name later.

Its a beta ATM.

Yeah my School does that, they have this Crap Web Sense :stuck_out_tongue:

Mets is adding much more stuff and ideas to the main page and it should be updated later this week.

I think its the hosting that causes my site to become french.

Will use occasionally for 4chan. Thanks!

thank you i will probably use this all the time =D

My school’s filter blocks me out if ‘proxy’ is in the URL :confused: