Xcom 2 Release scheduled

Rev up those VPN’s

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I guess, if i could I would

I’ll be using WTFast. Hopefully it doesn’t crap out

Oh is it good?

EDIT: also how do you use it with steam anyways

Use the custom game option then select a Aus server. Restart Steam and start unpacking.


You’re gonna have to either take steam in offline mode or leave the vpn running.

I don think it is working for me still shows like 15 hours on the store page(which is local launch)

It’s not out out yet in Aus.

oh ok, well here is a nice desktop background

1 PM EST is when it’ll unlock for me

do i need to change my store setting?

Nope. Exit steam then start the vpn then start steam. It’s out in Aus right now.

yea it started to update but then stoped shortly after

Check the downloads folder for steam. Something like steamapps\downloading. If there’s a file in there with numbers than it should be unpacking.

yea but see preload stoped it at like 24.6gb or something and it went to 24.7 and stopped out of the 25

oh nvm and not sure why but the dev tools are 42.3GB