XCOM: Enemy Unknown/Within Trainer

It would be great to have a trainer for this game. Possible uses:

Max/Set Stats for units (Will, Aim, Health, Psi, etc.)
Add Money
Add Materials (for research, item creation, etc.)
Add Satellites
Add Power (energy for buildings)

I’ve tried file edits and things like that, but because of the notorious “phone home” feature running behind the scenes, it’s impossible to get it working. The in-game console helps, but it’s a pain to memorize all the codes since there are so many.


Added to my list.


You’re awesome!

There is so much stuff in this game. Been playing this game for an hour now and there’s still a lot of things to discover.

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Yea, it is great

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There’s a lot of different stuff going on. Power management, satellite production, ship building, troop skills and equipment, research, currency gains/losses, overseeing protection of other nations; all within the main base section. That doesn’t even include the complexity of each individual tactical encounter, which can be won or lost depending on how you manage everything while in your base (and the fact that there is troop perma-death). Even without mods, it can be a bit overwhelming at first. Long War (a fantastic mod) makes it even more so. I don’t recommend playing Iron Man (I think that’s what it’s called) difficulty, by the way. Very unforgiving.

Even if you don’t use them, I recommend taking a look at the console codes for this game, and that of Long War. It’ll give you an idea of just how much stuff there is in the game. It probably rivals an Elder Scrolls title with how much stuff is available to you (if you can make it far enough). I have yet to beat the game, even at a lower difficulty. It’s tough, but super fun.

yea ffear levels , though I play with modded files so i have tons of power civilians don’t have like 2 hp they have 1000 and my soldiers get 1000 each level fear levels are always 0 really fun even if you are cheating

@VanScythe So which items do you want? I can literally make more than a 100 cheats for this but it is so boring and i really don’t want to spend that much time, so let me know which inventory items you require. This is what i have so far

Stats for units in BATTLE (Will, Offense, Defense, Health) I have no idea what PSI is, i will try to progress in game to unlock it.
Barrack Soldier stats editor (level so far but i can get class, abilities, other stuff you see on screen)

What i like about this game is everything is laid out in a nice structure, just have to get the base right.


as long as the soldiers can’t die, and civilians are un killable by aliens, and we have max resources this game is super easy but still fun, maybe if you can manage @STN no reload needed

@Hawk Reloading isn’t an issue when unlimited movement is enabled, you can reload without ending your turn.

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Aim is super important as well, if you haven’t already included that. I think instant/quick room/equipment construction and research would also be a great addition, just because. Psi is a sort of a soldier class upgrade you can get later on in the game that is akin to the psychic aliens in the beginning of the game, along with the mech upgrade you have access to at the same time. I’m not sure if they have points (like MP in an RPG), but I think they have skills you can unlock like the various soldier classes. I’ve never been able to get very far to know for sure, because I play with Long War, which makes the game a lot more difficult.

I think everything else you mentioned already is pretty much all that is needed. Thanks for this!

Any way you can add functionality for Enemy Within? It’s part of the same game, but it’s a different exe. I think the only major differences are some scenarios and troop types. Oh, there is one extra type of “resource” for mechs, though.

but unlimited movement ruins XCom :frowning:

@VanScythe It is a different game even though it is an expansion pack, still has a ton of changes to require a new trainer. I’ll add it to my list ( STN’s Games List ) .

@Hawk Nobody said to keep it enabled. Enable it, reload, disable!. I finished this and xcom2 and reloading never was an issue.

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Yikes, I didn’t know that. I always thought it was just DLC. Well, no need to rush it out. I still gotta beat XCOM:EU, anyway. Thanks again for all your hard work!

EU and EW is two different game basicly.
So thats two trainer right there

Idk if you have seen it, but Dark Souls 2 and DS2: SOTFS two seperate games as well. Even the difference is just dlc

Yeah, I’ve seen Dark Souls, but they are at least sold separately as two different titles. EW is sold on the main XCOM page as DLC, which is why I didn’t think it was a different game.

Checked steam now. And yeah you are right, there its a DLC. However ive seen it come as a stand alone aswell.

Could be the files and the structurenof the game that are given upon download is different than when you dont have it.

Ive heard it changed a lot of major things ingame from the Enamy Unknown release. Ive just played EW. But if some of the core machanics of the game is changed, thats why an EU trainer wont work because it will not change right values ingame.

Anyway, STN will fix it :wink:

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I have no doubt that STN will fix it. They’re pro like that.

Yeah, EW changes a lot of the game mechanics in EU, primarily around your soldiers. I think they weeded out a bunch of bugs that were in the previous release, as well. There are a few extra rooms you can build, too.

By the way, EW is on sale (-80%) at GMG right now for a little while longer, if anyone is interested.