Xex to GOD?

Ok in horizon you are able to extract the contents of arcade games and updates. So i did this with all my games to put them on my hard drive and easy modding purposes. But now im selling my jtag and im wandering if i can repackage all these games to GOD to put on the xbox’s hard so itll come up in the game library on the console?

Not sure you can do it with arcade games but you can use NXE2GOD For iso’s.

Rats thats what I’m trying. And no hope so far :anguished:

Check xbox360iso. You can convert arcade games to GOD and play then from a dvd+r dl cd.

You would have to put the files into an ISO file then convert the ISO to GOD.

Note: if your trying to put them into GOD to play on a retail this will NOT work.

thank you I’m a gaming noob, the way I see and read about that you do is awesome id like to try it (I found a injustice deluxe ed, I really want), but I’m somewhat experienced at other stuff like movies and some emus. thank you for the in to your site.

thank you