Xur! Location and Items 24/10

Xur is on the right side of the vanguard room.

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The Armamemtarium (Titan)

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Crest of Alpha Lupi (Hunter)

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Voidfang Vestments (Warlock)

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Suros Regime (Auto Rifle)

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Exotic Gauntlet Engram

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YES he has the body peace i want WOOT…now my Thorn and Universal Remote will have ammo

The Suros AGAIN! Common XUR, stop the BS!

I was happy about the Suros since I didn’t have but I understand the frustration.

Yeah I was waiting for the Suros to come back. I was short one coin last time. Now I’m still short one coin, going to have to solo the weekly heroic for the third time on my low hunter.

At least it isn’t Sunbreakers 3 weeks in a row… Well, it kind of is… You can get them from the engram lol

i got the Suros (love it) and still have plenty more coins so when he gets in again the Ice Breaker

Icebreaker is AMAZING for strikes. Even having the Mythoclast I still prefer using the Icebreaker for those bosses. I can kill the land tank before it even touches the ground

Ah, I was really hoping to see the Gjallarhorn again since it was a Week #2 item; I’ve heard/read more posts regarding people missing the early Xur items because they either didn’t have the items, level, time, etc. than the later week items.

Anyways, as for the items offered from Xur, obviously the Suros Regime is a very good Auto-Rifle and so it should be purchased by everyone, whether you use Auto-Rifles 24/7 or not, but when it comes to the chests I don’t see any of them being amazing except the Titan chest!

Personally, since I don’t have any intentions on having all three classes Lvl. 30’ed I’ll just take my 86x Strange Coins and wait for another week to see what Xur offeres, again…

I always seem to be short strange coins when it comes to the weekend. Would anyone mind doing the weekly with me on 360?

Another bad week (at least for me). I have all the stuff he’s selling except for the hunter chest :anguished:

Does voidfang always have hand cannon ammo or is that random also? I want to buy it but I don’t really use hand cannons

i think it always come with handcannon ammo but i not sure i don’t play warlock much but i do hope that next week Xur brings back the Arm peace for hunter last i heard he sold it around the second week of game release

Same, except for the part where you said you already own all the items being sold.
For the past two weeks I haven’t purchased anything because I don’t see them being that amazing Hunter-wise.
…I do regret not purchasing the Knucklehead and Achlyophage Symbiote when they were offered, but there is always next time. Lol

Yes, the Voidfang Vestments always comes with the handcannon perk. [[u]Click[/u]]

Are you referring to this arm piece? [[u]Click[/u]]
If so, than try your luck with the exotic engram; my brother and buddy both took a chance and got the piece.
Good luck!

I want the Hunter chest piece because it looks so badass, but seeing as i already have 2 exotic helms, it seems kinda pointless. Also I don’t have enough strange coins after getting the Suros Regime. But I’d even think about getting the Warlock piece just because I’m in the process of getting Thorn, and I’d probably just put it on my Warlock.

Ugh there’s so much want, but not enough coins lol. Oh well, there’ll always be next time.

From friends that are Warlocks, I’ve been told that if you want a chest piece for a Warlock than you should go with Heart of the Praxic Fire. Granted, one can go with whichever piece fits them most, ex: if you use more Handcannons than Fusion Rifles, but, said from friends, the Praise the Sun perk on the Praxic Fire is very good to have!

As for the chest Xur was selling for Hunters, the Crest of Alpha Lupi, you’re exactly right that it looks 100% bad***, but, when it comes to Hunters, I’ve come to realize that it’s probably best to run an exotic helmet majority of the time if playing PVP and a chest piece if running in PVE…


PVE example(s):

  • Crest of Alpha Lupi (Hunter) - You revive fallen teammates faster, they revive you faster.
  • Lucky Raspberry - Arcbolt Grenade chains further. Spawn with grenade energy.

PVP example:

  • Knucklehead Radar - Allows the radar to remain visible while aiming primary weapons.
  • Achlyophage Symbiote - Golden Gun gains one additional shot per use. [Also useful in Raid, Oracles/Minotaurs]
  • Mask of the Third Man - Arc blade attacks use less super energy.

*Everything could be argued, I’m sure Bungie put in a mass amount of though process when making these items so they aren’t strictly useful in either PVE or PVP, but, when it comes to the playlists in which we have currently and looking at the perks each piece has and how could it be used to its full potential, I just see those items as being best or most used in those game-modes.