YouTube videos: Audio is in a higher pitch/tone

Something has been baffleing me when watching some videos on YouTube. The audio on some, not all videos, comes out as very high pitched or as if it has had a speed increase. This then makes the videos unwatchable for me because everyone in it sounds like a ‘Chip Monk’!

i first thought it was a bug or something on YouTube but when it happened on various videos with different content, I began thinking it was perhaps recoreded that way. But this still doesn’t make sense why you would want to record it this way?!

Can someone please tell me why this happens and if it can be prevented during playback?

The answer may be in your question. Are you sure you have not speed the video up?

This can not be the reaon because then all videos I watch will come out this way. Plus, 95% of my YouTube streaming is done via an iDevice or a console and watching a video through these two devices doesn’t give an option to adjust such settings. At least, not to my knowledge.

EDIT: I will race you to 500 thanks?! :wink:

Download an application to modify your sound. I don’t own an iphone, but it would be a viper4iphone equivalent.

I am having the exact same issue

This thread is 3 years old. I’m sure that problem is not a thing anymore.