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Youtubers Life Cheats and Trainer for Steam


I tested some of the problems the people reported over. Seems like it dont work for me either.
Must be this that broke the Trainer.


Seems the adding 5k money is not working, it worked earlier today everything else works…


If it worked earlier, what changed? Did the game have an update?


@Nauman94 @MrPrecise @fuzenfrenzygaming @mezoya Trainer updated. And there is no add 5k money mod, only unlimited money.


Enable the cheat, go to the shop and buy something.



My foundings; Works like a charm. Yet, the Unlimited Talent Points does not seem to work to it’s fullest extend. Yes, I agree, you can get more talent points but as soon as you leave (Example, to get your golden playbutton), the talents seem to be reset, might be worth looking into.

Like I said, the rest works like a charm! =)


thats what I’ve been on about for more than 6 months now the talent points cheat doesn’t really work if you leave your apartment or go anywhere it resets back to what you had before you activated the cheat


The trainer is not letting me turn on any of the cheats. I don’t know if it is because I just started or something else.


NVM, just started working.


I have the pirate version, and the cheats do not work.
Does this usually occur?


Can happen with pirated version. Most likely that’s your problem


is there any way to add some kind of show right card in the video editing process.


me encanta me funciona para la youtube life 1.0.4 la ultima actualizacion pero espero que le ponga otro truco de los trainer tienen seria mejo el truco de ver la carta que se requiere cuando estamos creando un video


Please use English on here , thanks


The Youtubers Life cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


Hey Could You Add A Subscribers Adding Bar Like I Put In 500 Then i Get 500 More Subs On Youtubers life.


Weird… I tried launching it through infinity. The game then closes itself and relaunches itself in steam. Suddenly, cheats are inactive. Although I never progressed through the tutorial, I am still convinced it doesn’t work for me.


Start the game first.
Progress trough the tutorial and then attach Infinity to the game by pressing play.


Ye thanks. I saw something that says “press play or while in-game, press play.” Thanks for the info tho.


Broken unlimited talents point. everytime goes to out of house/apartament the talents reset