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Youtubers Life Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Not to rip you out but, this was said a while ago by me and a couple others


I have the recent version of the game and no antivirus software is blocking infinity but i still cant load cheats :frowning: It was working couple of hours ago but now its not. I tried running Infinity as administrator but that did work either I also relocated the game file but that didn’t work. I ran the game and it works properly. I’ve run out of ideas. Is anyone else having this problem.


Or add like a Plus 1000 or 10000 subs like the add skills


The unlimited money cheat does not work for me

[Edit #1] Fixed the problem! Infinity needed to update

[Edit #2] Can you add an “Add Subscribers” cheat?


hi none of the cheats are working even though they are active


can you in the future maybe add a cheat to add your character level?


The Trainer is great and everything works perfect, but if I use the unlimited points to unlock things like collabs, unboxings, after one video on it, they just disappear or stop working and I have to buy them all again. A simple problem?


It all works for me, did you install a cracked version of the game and/or thoroughly check if they are actually working?


the only cheats that I could find that doesn’t work anymore are the instant render and upload cheats


I don’t know way but my game is still on the aug 20 2016 version it is from steam but it wont go update to mar 27 2017 version


works good only issues is that instant render, instant upload,instant course,unlimited talent points and max relations dont seem to work they turn then selves off


The trainer need a redo, most of the stuff doesn’t work cause of it changed much in early access


This trainer needs to be updated, I can’t activate any cheats


Please vote for it in the WeMod app! :slightly_smiling_face:When it receives enough votes it will be updated!


The Youtubers Life cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


When I use the instant render/upload cheat the video stops around the middle of the loading screen and doesn’t move. Could I be doing anything wrong?


the game updated again please do something about it.


yeah it’s the 1.4 update but how can i vote it?


My apologies, I’m juggling a few things. Are the cheats not working or are you being warned they may not work?


Great mod! Idk if its a bug on my game or what but Ive been having to constantly upgrade my talent tree each time i go somewhere in game