Zombie Gunship Survival Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Can you add no-reload for guns that have a reload timer?

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thx for the update, can you add one hit kill?

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please get unlimited resources please

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Thanks for this can we get a instant kill and a full no-cooldown on all weapons or a reload reduce down to 1 second thank you.


HI !

Would it be possible to add options to have infinite resources ?

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yeah we need infinite resources please STINGERR

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Hello STiNGERR! I was testing a different Trainer from another app and even thought it’s outdated only 1 cheat wasn’t working which was the Max resources! those being Metal and Supplies… but that trainer has some nice options and gave me ideas of how you can update and improve this one!

The Other Trainer has the following options:

Infinite Health (this Trainer option seems to work just for a single unit, I guess the intention was for every member but I guess due to being outdated it’s not working properly!) would be nice to get this option!!!

No Weapon Overheat (You already did)

One Hit Kill (this is a nice one)

One Hit Kill Buildings (this one also affects base buildings so there’s a need to be cautious!)

Infinite Ammo ( the difference from yours is that this one already makes missiles unlimited too so is just one cheat! it has the same glitch for the have cannons so I guess its something you can’t fix in the end as it seems to be related to the fact that they have a single round in the clip!)

And Finally this Trainer has Max resources ( what you could improve upon from this other trainer is adding Max Scraps too! Not just Metal and Supplies!)
I don’t know if gold can be edited as it seems to be server related but if you can then awesome!

now while testing that Trainer Max Resource cheat when active it does set your 2 main resources to max and you can spend it repairing or upgrading buildings and weapons but then because its outdated the upgrades and repairs don’t apply! but I noticed that the buildings that you can repair to serve as barricade could be moved when you repaired them but after they would reset to level 0
so My other idea for cheat that you can update your trainer, is adding the ability to reset those barricade buildings to 0, cuz as you know they are essentially invulnerable when they are yet to be repaired which means you can troll around with them lol… I tested, so while being able to move these level 0 barricades when the game thought I repaired them, I blocked some of the nests and when defending the base, zombies on the blocked nests would stay confined on that space! so if you can add a reset ability for these buildings or an unlimited HP for the HQ it would be cool!

Keep up the good work!!!


unlimited supplies would be a good update


Unfortunately resources are all now tracked server side and none of them can be altered as of an update or two ago in game.

That kinda sucks.

Concur - no “reload” would be awesome!

are you guys considering any further updates that remove reload times?

its not online so yes.

could you source that info? I cannot find it either

now this would be awesome