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A little help d3 ros modding.... trying anyway

i have followed every tutorial i can find, most of which are about the same, to the letter. im using the proper editor. save rehash resign… the works… when i put the save into the xbox it says my file is corrupt. every time.what am i missing?

Hey, welcome to the community!

Verify you are changing the profile, device, and console IDs to match your own. Corruption will occur if this is not done.

For your reference, here’s the thread for Horizon: Horizon | The Basics. It’s old, but the steps haven’t changed.

Let me know if it’s still giving you trouble :smiley:

Thank you for the welcome. and the link. the id’s match. im using my own profile. im just trying to mod things that are in my stash or on characters. im even starting small, just doing one small mod first to see if i can get it done right. i had read that doing to much at once could be a problem.normally i just take someone elses save and copy paste it into the folder on the usb and just log in from the usb. and just rob the character by mailing the items or throwing them on the ground. tired of having to settle for someone elses mods. any wayill run through that link and see what im doing wrong. do you think that it could be the patch(update) for d3? or maybe the horizon version. im using windows 8.1? just a thought . thank you for your time . have a great day.

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I got it! was trying to read save from the usb like i was doing before. i transferred the save to xbox and i won. thank you for your assistance.greatly appreciated. even if it just made me think about what i was doing wrong. right on.

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Glad to hear you got it to work :upside_down_face: