A way to use old versions of infinity

I just updated ‘Infinity’ and I hate the way things are laid out and I just find it so annoying to traverse and now it has game news I don’t care for that and it’s harder to get to my games if infinity could make it where you could use old versions that would be great because now its harder to get to my games and most of it blocks the screen its just so annoying to use now I’ve hated their updates because it gets harder to use. And im very irritated by the new layout if there’s a way for you to downgrade or use old layouts that would be helpful.


You cannot downgrade and the new layout is here to stay for awhile.

i know that. Its why i changed it to a suggestion.

How difficult could it be to find your games ? They are right there just click on games wa là

dont do lip with me boy

or be smart ass

Oh ok. Im sorry. You win.

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sorry but version 4 ist is broken by design. i got an EMPTY witcher 3 and watchdogs 2 folder (there is just NOTHING -> pure emptiness).
version 4 ist a pile of brocken ■■■■ up to date.

may-autoUpdate led problem,list my games empty and all my games invalid game (folder and ikona)
I did not have a problem before
/sorry my sprechen englis/

What do you mean by


it is fixed with the current update. see GOG und Uplay games are not working anymore [infinity 4]

Ahh now I know what you mean by folder