Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Cheats and Trainer for Steam

The last update still not working for me :c
idk why

you were right. it was the windows defender

Have the same problem, nothing is working. Yesterday it was fine. Windows Defender isn’t blocking it (or I can’t see it?), reinstalled WeMod but it didn’t fix it

what worked for me was launching into the game first from steam and loading the trainer once i was in-game, at least thats what worked with the new dlc scenarios

I really hope that the cheats go back again the instant suff and the god mode

We have been asking for the restoration of the instant cheats for aoe2 and aoe3 de there is one in fling but it is lasts for 1 second WE NEED UPDATE

Indeed, God mode was quite good. Don’t know why it is removed.

It doesn’t work anymore…
if i am the only one, any tips?
I read approximately the last 50 comments and tried everything I read, nothing worked

EDIT: guys if u have ■■■■-ndows11 u also need to restart after following Ravenfyre’s instructions posted on 13 February, otherwise it still doesn’t work
■■■■ you microsoft, really

Cheats are working fine. I just tested them today (29th March 2024).

I was able to give my self Ressources, Increase the pop cap and rest current pops.

Video proof: Watch AoE2 Cheats | Streamable

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no, im still getting “Loading mods loop” even though ive disable firewall and antivirus and restarted my computer. Not sure what the deal is but its getting old.

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I have the same problem…

Mine work ok, with no problem at all

Hi, I currently have mod version 8.18.0
Unfortunately this doesn’t work with my game version of AOE 2 Definitive Edition, at least I get this message.

bring back the old mods

Hi, In order to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience, Mod options or cheats are removed when they disrupt the game, impede progress, or lead to crashes.