Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Cheats and Trainer for Steam

cheats are still not working

dont start the game first then it works

Can you please add back God Mode?


Next update and this options: “Fast Upgrades; Instant recruits; Instant buildings” still not added. Plese add this options :face_holding_back_tears: Regards

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When fling updates the trainer it will be better.

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If you want infinite lives and others, that Wemod does not offer go to the website of FLING.

Good game everyone and THANKS Fling.

I started playing return to rome dlc and the cheats are not working. I tried in regular AOE2 as well but that’s not working either.

Anybody else also facing these issues? How can I fix it?

How does it work? I went to Fling’s webpage, downloaded the trainer file, double clicking gave an installation interface in WeMod, yet nothing changed?

it’s the zipped file but unfortunately there have been updates since then.

wemod can not load the mods in the game

Every time I’ve checked out FLiNG’s AoE II DE Trainer, I always see in VirusTotal that it’s loaded with a non game hack Trojan which is why I’ve kept away from it.

It’s extremely common for trainers, especially stand-alone ones, to be flagged as a false positive by anti-virises and security vendors. This has been happening for decades (trainers were first invented in the 1980s), so it’s nothing new.

It gets flagged because of how trainers work, which is by injecting code into your PC’s RAM. WeMod trainers inject the exact same way as FLiNG’s stand-alones.

See more: My antivirus marked WeMod as a Trojan - #2 by Ravenfyre