Age of Empires IV Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Not sure if I’m the one doing it wrong, but the health, kills, construction, and recruiting options do not seem to work. Resources work just fine though. I am on the Xbox version. I tried only activating when I get in the game and deactivating during vids.

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Praying for the ability to zoom out more. Seems that’s what a lot of people want for this game, too. might be good PR to add that in. Thanks for what you do!

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That’s the main reason I uninstalled this game, along with the military units being almost identical across all the different empires with only slightly different stats, they need to add increased zoom or at least make the units look and behave differently.

Please update this trainer. Unlimited Health, 1 Hits, Instant recruitment and building no longer work. Thanks XBox Version.

The Age of Empires IV cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

game allways crashing when activate cheat.