Aground - Console Command Cheats

Aground is an adventure, action, crafting, building, exploration, mining, survival and RPG game. It would probably be the result of Minecraft and Terraria having a baby with each other.

At the time of this post, no trainer for Aground currently exists on WeMod (probably because it’s in early access at this point). However, have no fear - because Ravenfyre is here with some trusty built-in console command cheats for the game! :smiley:

Activating the developer console

  • On Windows, simply press CTRL + Shift + D any time in the game to open the developer console.
  • If you were silly enough to get a Mac instead of a Windows PC, CMD + Shift + D will do the trick for you.

For item IDs and building names, use this page on the Aground Wiki:
Where item names include a space, you must use an underscore in the console ( _ ). For example magic_box.

Console commands for cheating

Player Commands

  • player.loseHealth = function(){return 0;} - God mode (invincibility). However, you can still be suffocated.

  • player.vehicle.setHidden ("true") - Makes your vehicle invisible to enemies.

  • player.fullRestore() - Restores your health and stamina.

  • player.restoreHealth() - Restores your health. The word “Health” can also be replaced for Stamina, Oxygen and Power.

  • = 300 - Sets the player’s stamina stat to 300. The number 300 can be changed to whatever you like.

  • player.addExp (500) - Gives you 500 XP. The 500 can be changed to the desired amount. Only give yourself what you need to level up, going overboard my break the levelling up system.

  •"pickaxe") = 0 - Mining will no longer cost stamina.

  •"sword") = 0 - Attacking with a sword will no longer cost stamina.

  • for (k in player.getInfo().getSkills()) player.skills.set (k,99) - Maxes all player skills.

  • for (k in player.getInfo().getSkills()) player.skills.set (k,0) - Resets all player skills.

  • <action>id = "player.ancient";</action><run procedure="changePlayerForm" /> - Turns the Werewolf player into a human player.

  • <action>id = "player.werewolf";</action><run procedure="changePlayerForm" /> - Turns the human player into a werewolf.

Item & Inventory Commands

  • player.addItem ("magic_box") - Gives the player the desired item, in this case, a Magic Box. Use the item ID link given above to find desired items.

  • player.addItem ("magic_box",5) - The same as above, but gives the player five of the desired item. The item and amount can be changed. Try not to overdo it, you could find your game being unable to progress - use only to give yourself what you need, not to hoard stuff.

  • player.inventory.weight = 0 - Sets your inventory weight to 0.

  • player.setVar('cp', 1500) - Sets your Colosseum Points (Spirit Points) to the given number, 1,500 in this case.

  • for (e in e.value.value = 0 - Repairs / Heals / Feeds any familiar or item currently equipped.

  •"weapon", player, getItem("magic_sword").asItem()) - Equips the player with a magic sword in their dominant hand. The “magic_sword” variable can be changed to whatever weapon or tool is desired.

World Commands

  • <teleport area = "start" x = "120" y = "-1" /> - Teleports the player to the given co-ordinates on the starting island. The “start” and numerical variables can be altered. Use the ID lict given above for the location IDs.

  • <radar tile="orbit.radar" animation="orbit.radar" padding="2" centerOn="player" scale="16" includeStructures="false" objectId="function(o){return o.isPlayer()?2:-1;}" tileId="function(area, x, y){return area.getTileId(x, y, BASE_LAYER) == -1?-1:(area.getTileId(x, y, ORE_LAYER) == -1?4:3);}" /> - The radar will detect ores in the ground.

  • <radar hide="true"/> - Reverses the above command.

  • setOre(10, 1, "iron") - Causes Iron to spawn at the given location. “Iron” can be changed to whatever ore you desire, such as gold and so on. Make sure you spawn the ore in an un-mined underground block, otherwise it will not be possible to mine/collect it.

  • <structure id = "power_plant" x = "player.tile_x" y = "player.tile_y"/> - Builds a power plant in front of the player. The “power_plant” variable can be changed to any in-game building.

  • <setTime value = "0"/> - Sets the time to midnight. The number 0 is replaceable for a desired variable, such as 0.5, 1, 2, etc).

Optimisation & Debugging Commands

  • resetall() - Resets absolutely everything (saves, achievements, settings, etc).

  • player.vehicle.dismount() - Leave your vehicle, useful for if you’re stuck. Also works in mini-games, but you won’t be able to exit the mini-games until you re-enter the vehicle.

  • debug - Shows debug info.

  • debug hide - Hides debug info.

Other Commands

  • <save/> - Forces the game to save. Warning, do not use if player death is imminent.

  • <run procedure="minigame.shooter.title"/> - Plays the shooter mini-game.

  • <run procedure="minigame.platformer.title"/> - Plays the platformer mini-game.

And there we have it. Granted the commands look a bit scary compared to most other games, but you’ll soon get the hang of them. There are more commands available. However, I am just sharing the ones that are most commonly used for cheating in the game.

Enjoy and have fun! :slight_smile:

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The game won’t let me copy and paste and I tried the god mode with and without spaces but it still doesn’t recognize it?