Alan Wake 2

Hi !

A traîner for AW2 is planned ?

It does not appear on the list of future trainers and it is impossible to boost.

Thanks in advance !

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Hello and happy Friday! :slight_smile:

We do not give estimated times for the release of any trainers or specific details of their releases. There are far too many factors that affect this.

Trainers are made or updated based on its current overall popularity within the entire WeMod community as a whole.

See how it works here: Game Queue. And keep an eye on the Creators tab in the WeMod software, or join the WeMod Discord community and keep an eye on the trainer releases channel there. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your answer.

So I will wait patiently…

I’m just surprised that such a popular and anticipated game hasn’t appeared in the Game Queue yet.

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It appears in Game queue. Great !

Thank in advance (Greenhouse apparently :wink:)