Aliens: Fireteam Elite Cheats and Trainer for Xbox

I might be wrong but it sounds like you’re trying to use WeMod on your actual Xbox? If that is the case that’s not how it works, it’s for the Xbox App for PC

Sorry, I don’t understand the difference. I usually play Fireteam Elite on my xbox console. I would like to use Wemod because I miss the achievements related to completing the campaign on insane. INSANE IS TOO HARD FOR ME. What can I do? Do I need to rebuy the game through the xbox app on my PC? If so, will playing on the PC allow me to unlock these achievements on the same gamertag?

The Xbox App on your PC is connected to your same gamertag as what you use on the console so all achievements are shared between the two as long as you sign in using the same email as the one on yiur console. And if you have gamepass the game is on there so you won’t have to buy it again.

Ok thank you! I want to try. Now i am going to buy the game pass ultimate and install Aliens f.e. on my pc.

Just a heads up. Playing on insane will be very hard since the robots can kill you. GOD MODE will not work and is very hard on any map with the robots OR turrets. Your god mode will disappear.

Missions that don’t support unlimited health Ch2 part 2 and 3 Ch4 part 1

Hord sometimes mostly placing turrets

The Aliens: Fireteam Elite cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

All cheats seem to work after the new update (xbox pc) - the problems with synth missions and the escort mission are still present

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Very good!!!

So nothing changed? Synth missions still kill even when god mode on?

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There is an interesting interaction to maintain god mode (even on the levels that have been discussed about synthetics and turrets). If you associate any damage to your shield (acid for example), any other incoming damage is shifted to your shield. And any future interaction with a certain shield damage, it’ll reboot your shields back to full (5000), so maintaining the infinite shields, without the infinite health, will yield god mode. The only synth I have noticed that was actually invulnerable is the heavy (3* rocketeer guy because he has heavy shields, so his shields stop going down after a certain point). But this is only in regards to the synth missions 2-2, 2-3, and 4-1. Although, if you do not have infinite health turned off and have taken the acid damage before meeting a synth, your health will drop as if you only had 1 health (same for alpha/beta).

The only mission that seems like the mods are weird, is 1-3 (with hoenikker), because of his active place in your roster, it causes the infinite health mod not to work properly. But if you rid yourself of both beta/alpha, it will become active once more.

Ok @Selexia you are saying use only unlimited shields and you have god mode correct? Only one mob will be a issue? Thank you

Not quite, the thing is, while the game registers the synths and turrets as ‘possibly friendly’, they aren’t affected by the mods, which cause an unusual interaction. But, because of the unlimited shields only being degraded by acid, once it procs, it goes to 5000, which in turn gives you a lot more of a buffer to deal with damage and other things. And the heavier shielded enemies benefit from the unlimited shields (so you do have to turn that off, but the 5000 shield is still yours to tinker with).

I noticed, if the bar is green, it isn’t ‘real’ protection, it will just vanish, if it is gray, then it is established in the game as yours. So, if you use some of the moments of alien/synth attacks (Since it kind of mixes around), even using some of the explosive barrels can help (I found turning on the infinite shields while there are no synths present in the fighting area will allow you to use the exploding barrels or aliens to refresh the shields back to 5000), you can keep yourself a little better equipped.

Hey there,
I’m a bit new to the site, so I hope I’m posting this in the correct location.

First of all, thank you for the time & effort you put into creating these mods/cheats. I play the game on PC Game Pass, & the mods/cheats make the game more enjoyable for me.

A bunch of people, myself included, are running into an issue with the unlimited health and shield mod/cheat when we are facing the synth enemies. Is there a way to update the mod/cheat to fix this? It is believed that the mod/cheat is affecting our character as well as our bot/synth companions, which in return sometimes confuses the game by giving the enemy synths unlimited health/shields. The unlimited health/shield does not work when facing synths & their turrets.

The max health/shield cheat for the individual’s character is much more valuable to players rather than having unlimited health/shield for our companion bots.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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is there a way to make the flamers have infinite ammo?