Aliens vs. Predator Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Is it possible to add more features to the trainer?
I am willing to commission.

just got the game, it seems like even using the DX11 version of the game causes it to crash if anything is enabled. health, ammo, one-hit kills all cause a crash.

Yeah, using the DX11 version of the game and just turning on infinite energy during the pred campaign crashed me. I got a bit pissed at the fact there’s only one energy recharge area in the arena (which is also one-use-only) and the praetorian keeps stun-locking me.

By the looks of it, it’s when an ACHIEVEMENT INCREMENT CHECK is performed. I used another program to unlock all achievements and had no issues after.

Sorry for my bad English, the same thing happens to me. I activate some mod and after a while in the game, it crashes and takes me out of the game. I don’t know if they have any solution for that.

Can confirm. I have tested a bit, and the very presence of the active trainer seems to crash upon picking up audio logs, so I’m assuming other items which manipulate your “object” count at all are at fault here. Does just fine without the trainer being toggled, so the game is definitely hostile to that. My initial assumption was just one or both ammo count options, but it’s something else.

What program did you use? I’ve been looking all over the place to figure out how to unlock all the achievements just so I can go through this game all over again.

Steam Achievement Manager.

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still having trouble launching the game, used the achievement manager for the game but still crashes on start of a mission, not sure what I’m doin wrong but sure glad I didn’t spend much for the game to start
-UPDATE just tried a trainer from a different site and it works just fine but the second I launch the wemod trainer it instantly crashes, wonder why.

more than likely they will close this thread soon (it what always happen when the dev has no interest to update the game) but ■■■■ it this trainer is causing crashing and at this point i will pay commission for the update if they will pick it back up…

Sigh. Trainer crashes game, as people have said. I has a sad.

Doesint crash unless u try to pick up a collectable but thats it, really the single-player anti cheat is bullshit, the multiplayer servers are dead.

Really need an option for running the direct x 9 version

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I can confirm that the Game crashes as soon to pickup a Collectible in the Human Campaign. I don’t know if this is the case with other collectibles for the Alien/Predator campaign.

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Please update trainer. Game crashes to system when any of the cheats is used. Other problems mentioned above also appear.

pls,fix alien vs predator trainer,all cheats make the game crash
i have switched it from the 8/2/21 as i runed the dx11 version and it crashed the whole game at the menu while all the sliders were turned off so i changed it to the 28/6/17 and i got the same result just a straight out crash can you please fix this

The Aliens vs. Predator cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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Still broken. Game crashes on first alien encounter.

To make it work just fine and if you happy to live a little dangerously, temporarily disable your antivirus/firewall. Then it will work fine. But don’t forget to turn your antivirus/firewall back on when you are done playing the game.
And yes, this is a shitty solution.

thank you!