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All Items Map 1.2 (Xbox 360) | Terraria


I’ve seen quite a few people asking for a Terraria map with all items and such. I am here to appease the crowd. After much searching and digging around, I found an up to date map with everything you could ever hope to have in Terraria. If it exists, it’s in the map. There may be 1 or 2 things not on there, but they’re minor and nothing to worry about. It is simple and easy to put this on your Xbox. Follow the tutorial below.



  1. Open Horizon
  2. Drag and drop the “Worlds” (file downloaded from link) into Horizon
  3. Replace the Profile ID with your own
  4. Save, Rehash, Resign a few times
  5. Insert USB into device and drag “Worlds” file into device explorer
  6. Unplug USB from device and plug into Xbox 360
  7. Start Terraria and load from USB
  8. Open the map and enjoy![/details]

Download can be found here:

Download Link

Feel free to let me know if there is anything I missed or glossed over while making this. This is my first time making a thread like this. Let me know if you like it.

I hope you guys enjoy! :thumbsup:

Thanks for sharing, I’m sure members will use this. :thumbsup:

Thanks for going to the trouble of putting this together and sharing this… :thumbsup:
With this game available for free with GOLD at the moment I’m sure there will be plenty of people that will make use of this handy little save.

thx for the modded save, when i find this exact save its always just the world3.wld file and not in a world file, and i have trouble putting it in a worlds file for some reason, horizon error when i try

Have you found any maps with most Corruption and another for most Hallow for achievements?

I tried doing the world creation from pc and convert over to xbox but it doesn’t seem to work anymore; even with removing the TU.

How about an update and adding the weapons and armors you are missing? Ex. Pulse Bow, Tsunami, Coin gun, Flairon, Obsidian Sword Fish, North Pole, Beetle Armor and much more missing items…

keeps say the saved game profile was created on a unknown profile and removes when connected to xbox ???

Did you change the IDs?

I’m having the same issues, and yes I changed the profile ID and when try to load it up everything is deleted.

Thanks for the save, good job.

when i drag the file into horizon it has a circle with a line through it, how can i stop this

haw do I git it on my xbox 360


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This is an xbox 360 save, not a PC save, and those weapons arent in xbox

Worked Fine For Me Today
Just have to make sure you move your profile to the memory card and select before replacing world file.

Awesome Work !!!

Thank you so much for this post and for making it so easy. My son has lost 2 worlds due to some issue where they ended up being covered in dirt. This made his day.

yea it happens to me too

how do you put it on your xbox.I downloaded it on my usb I had my profile on it to, how do I install it to my xbox please help!! a step by step would really work thank you.

download modio 5 for free and look up terreria in open a save to get loads and loads of maps to choose from its really good :thumbsup:!