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Hi there, thanks for the very fast trainer release. Would it be possible to get the items in the helix credit store unlocked?



  1. God Mode

Enabling this option will render you PLAYER invulnerable to all types of damage. This also kills the processing of rendering the GUI damage FX (no “blood splash” effects or GUI turning red when being hit).

  1. Invisibility

Enabling this option will turn your PLAYER invisible. Note that world events still occur, as in an entity spooking another entity; so, if you go near some goat and you see it run, know that it wasn’t you who spooked it and complain invisibility doesn’t work. Lastly, (not tested) it’s possible if someone saw you and turned this on in-between, they might still be able to see you, approach and perhaps quit chasing you. Again, not tested.

  1. Infinite Oxygen

Does exactly what it says. You may notice a small glitch, whereas the oxygen bar briefly drops and refills back to full. Will try to address the hook spot differently, so the subtracting event doesn’t get triggered. All in all, if in same session, dive one time, get back up for air, then dive again. You won’t see the glitch happen, as the event gets reset.

  1. Unlimited Ammo

Option is implemented in such a way that the generic subtraction function used for a broad array of events (including selling items at Blacksmith’s or shops) is filtered to disallow decrements of type arrorws in your inventory:

dq 00000043E344147B // Normal Arrows
dq 0000015A4CA332CB // Paralyzing Arrows
dq 0000015A4CA332CA // Poison Arrows
dq 0000015A4CA332C8 // Fire Arrows
dq 0000015A4CA332CC // Explosive Arrows
dq 000001648A17CDFF // Death Arrows

Anything else WILL DECREASE.

  1. Set XP Multiplier

This is a toggle that enables access to the XP MULTIPLIER option below it. That being said, when the toggle is OFF, you will notice any increments with the arrows (e.g.: moving from 0 to higher value) do not work. That’s because there’s no point changing the value if option is OFF, now, is there? Am mentioning this, cuz I saw it asked about.

  1. XP Multiplier

With #5 turned ON (again, this won’t work with Set XP Multiplier OFF) you can adjust the XP multplier by using the left/right arrows or designated keys for the events. You can also set the keys to the ones you want for this option in WeMod’s GUI.

  1. Add Ability Points

Alright. How this option works: the game uses your current level and accumulated (invested) points in the calculation. Once you start adding points to the tiers, each point is summed up. So, when you click the ADD ABILITY POINTS button (or use the hotkey) it may look like nothing is happening. First-up, cycle between two tabs (click on another, then get back to Abilities tab to see the update happening). Secondly, if nothing still doesn’t show up, then you have to add more points (press it several times). Why? Because adding 5 points might still be under the total you’ve accumulated. The logic is this: total_accumulated_points - player_level + 1 = 0. Yes, math. Bottom line: press the key one time, if still 0, press again and so on. Till you see more than 0 in the Abilities tab. Lastly, yes, when you level up, you will NOT receive additional points till you get to a level where the amount you’ve added through WeMod trainer matches the total you’re suppposed to have at that given level. In short, you can see this as a “enabling abilities earlier in the game” feature.

  1. Resource Picker

This drop-down allows you to select the resource you want to modify. When trainer is initialized, it’s auto-set to GOLD.

  1. Select Amount

Having selected a resource from above, you can now choose the amount to set. No conditions here, setting the amount can be edited all the time. You can either use the GUI arrows to increase/decrease the amount, use the corresponding hotkeys (which you can change) or manually click on that 0 value and type in the amount you want.

  1. Set Amount

Having operated #8 and #9, you can now click the button or use the corresponding hotkey to set the chosen amount to the chosen resource. PLEASE NOTE YOU NEED AT LEAST 1 TYPED RESOURCE IN YOUR INVENTORY. This option does not generate the resource object container for you; it will just cycle what’s existing in your inventory and adjust that resource’s amount. Lastly, you will have to switch tabs to see the effect refreshed (the resource was updated, game GUI just doesn’t refresh it on the spot; if you switch tabs, a READ event occurs and it’s refreshed) - - so move from Inventory to Abilities tab and you will see that update. Same goes for the Blacksmith’s: if you run events that deplete a resource and want to add more, you can do so; but please keep in mind you will have to close the Blacksmith screen and re-open it for the “refresh” to occur. The shop screen needs to be aware of the set update and can only do so through a READ event (re-opening the screen).

  1. Ship God Mode

Nothing to mention here. Similarly to the player God Mode, all form of damage are ignored. No visuals as well.

  1. Unlimited Ship Stamina

Same here, option works out-of-box. Enable it and worry not about that blue bar :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Enable Teleporter

This toggle is required to be ON (at least once; you can then turn it OFF if you want, I’ve put no check there) if you want to work with the below option.

  1. Teleport To Waypoint

Alright, first how to work with this: open M, set a waypoint, press the hotkey or click the button, close M. You would have teleported to the specified waypoint. That’s the theory. Now… in practice:

  • you can teleport to quest people (just click on the <!> and you’ll spawn right near the NPC)
  • looking at the terrain, if you set a waypoint above the ground level you’re at, teleporting will work nicely
  • looking at the terrain, if you set a waypoint below the ground level you’re at, teleporting might land you under the map or stuck in some object
  • if you fall off map, quickly press M and try to set another waypoint; teleport there; if still not working, choose WATER to set a waypoint to; teleport there and you’ll be just fine; then set again the waypoint to where you wanted to get OR near that spot, if you see it still causes issues
  • teleporting to viewpoints for sync works fine
  • if when teleporting you hit some solid wall, thus not landing where you set the waypoint (but stuck in mid-distance), make sure you’re above the ground level of your destination; that’s the only situation I’ve seen this happening
  1. Free Camera + Teleport To Free Camera

Enable the option WHILE IN THE GAME WORLD. You will notice your player cannot move. Use the below hotkeys to move the camera:

  • W - forward
  • A - left
  • S - backward
  • D - right

If you want to move up or down:

  • SPACE - up
  • F - down

And if you want to get some speed while moving around:

  • SHIFT - increase movement speed (keep it pressed; if released, speed becomes 1.0 again)

Now, if you want to teleport your player to the center of your screen (camera’s position):

  • Q - teleport player to camera coordinates

Additional notes:

  • make sure Ikaros is not landed on your hand when you enable this; similarly, if you enable it while you’re swimming or on a ship, the camera will have the wobbly moving effect; don’t say I didn’t warn you…
  • player input is disabled while free camera is on
  • sometimes some objects may not be rendered fully (you’ll see them transparent); they get rendered fully when you teleport your player nearby
  • I suggest using Tilde (~) key to toggle this on/off; it’s closer to WASD
  • free camera will not move when you alt-tab out of the game or open any menu (M doesn’t work; only I,O, etc.)
  • no, the hotkeys cannot be changed in WeMod’s GUI
  • I have no intention to “perfect” this for screenshot-ing activities; its purpose is to provide easier teleportation features

Report any issues or lag.

  1. Unlimited Adrenalin

Toggle the feature on and your adrenaline bar will refill. Once the bar is maxxed-out, you won’t need to worry about it anymore From testing I found no issues with transitions (e.g.: teleporting via viewpoints). In any event, if you see the Adrenaline bar dropping, just re-toggle the option and it’ll return to normal.

  1. Unlimited Ship Ammo

The all-in-one option consists of 3 features:

  • no cooldown for main weapons
  • fire bar gets instantly set to max once you damage a ship with your weapons (not ramming; I think…)
  • fire bar never drops when used

Note that often enemy ships may benefit from this (I found that only when mercenary ships spawn, their fire bar gets set to 500 or so; so it will be maxxed-out for them as well on spawn). Shouldn’t affect your experience though.

  1. Disable Ability Cooldown

Upon using any ability from your bars, you’ll notice the cooldown doesn’t apply anymore.

For everything else, please use common sense and understanding. You have access to a wide variety of options, so you’ll also have to use your brain to combine them to work to your advantage, rather than reporting “not working how I want them to work”.



If you’re referring to unlocking H items, then yes; just like in ACO. Unless they’ve changed the logic. It will take some time though, don’t expect a fast release.


I managed to get Drachmae(gold) easily with CE, however theres a blue resource called Orichalcum Ore(blue in color), which i couldn’t seem to find the value towards, is it unmodifiable?


He wouldn’t know until he plays the game you know?

Does god mode include ship invincibility as well?

I will make sure to specify it in the next release. Like STN said, I don’t have the time to play the game at the same pace with some of you; hold your horses.


Try it and find out. Best way


I can’t until the 5th. I was hoping that maybe someone who has early access would know.

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Some Cheat Ideas
  • Super Stealth

  • Super Damage

  • Instant Special Attack

  • Unlimited Special Attack Duration

  • Unlimited Special Attack Meter

  • Add XP

  • Set Ability Points

  • Unlimited Arrows/Ammo

  • Easy Inventory Craft

  • Unlimited Underwater Breathing

  • Unlimited Racing Boost

  • Save/Load Position (Teleport)

  • Teleport to Waypoint

  • Unlimited Ship Health

  • Unlimited Ship Ramming Power Meter

  • Fast Ship Firebomb Cooldown

  • Set Gold

  • Free Blacksmith Upgrades

  • Free Blacksmith Engraves

  • Set all Ressources (i dont know if exist in this Game)


Ya ours our free here not like the list from the " other " place ! Lol
Have to pay to use theirs !

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It does not apply to ship health but I assume sunbeam will add it. It is fairly early in the story that you get to the ships. Health and ship armor are both given on the pause menu so they are easy to find.

Will we see a trainer for steam version? It’s out as of 9AM today for Gold? edition I believe.

It should work for steam version.

Would you like me to buy you the game so you can then release more stuff for us?

He has the game. He is still working on cheats.

I love u guys, u guys r legit professional modders

And dont even ask about online it wont even work ! Lol

Wow. Thanks for the fast trainer. Hopefully you’ll be able to add a cheat to change the value of Orichalcum Ore. :smiley: