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Assassin's Creed Odyssey Cheats and Trainer for Uplay


its probably something on my side cuz even if i try the uplay version it does the same


u are not alone, since the new support-update to 1.0.6 is online, my game crashes too. before that it was all good


like i dont mind it not working that much but still it was alot helpfull


I do have the steam version and I am about 3-4 hours into the game. I’ve got roughly 1500 gold and it still seems to crash my game every time I try to use the picker. Would reinstalling WeMod potentially do anything to maybe fix this?


doubt that i reinstalled wemod 2 times didnt helped with anything but the resources arent a problem to get i have like 400k gold and didnt cheat it


@stinkyToaster @HoldmuhDEEE @skyline191

Drop me a line on Discord; and have TeamViewer ready. I have a feeling it’s something overlooked.

L.E.: Solved it thanks to @stinkyToaster :wink:

  1. I tested the debug DLL I got on his end. FreeCam issue is resolved.

  2. Resources work. Problem is the hotkey for them is Ctrl+Alt+F. FreeCam is on Ctrl+F. When you want to use Ctrl+Alt+F it will also trigger Ctrl+F, which will run FreeCam… which you know it crashes your ass :smiley: That’s why “resources don’t work”. Change the hotkey to Ctrl+X for example and it’ll work :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. Unlimited Ship Stamina works as well. Tested the debug DLL on his Steam version.

Thanks once more for trusting me and allowing me to debug your game via TeamViewer, @stinkyToaster!



Was just about to test, glad to know its resolved.
Good work, cheers.


The free camera crashes for me on 1.0.6 :frowning:



The free camera is still crashing for me, unfortunately.


Chris has pointed you to a post of mine where it is already mentioned it crashes and a fix is underway. Can you kindly do your due diligence as a user and read the post? Thank you.


No sunbeam.

Btw. Free cam crashes you might want to get that fixed


You wanna piss me off? :smiley: Stop repeating what he said, LOL.


Sorry. I did read your post, but I thought that you had already fixed it and that the fix did not work in my case.

Thanks for clarifying. The free camera is an amazing cheat. Looking forward to using it again. :slight_smile:

By the way, would it be possible to modify a bit the controls of the free camera? Like having a key to accelerate and one to decelerate? Having one key that has to be pressed to move faster and that keeps accelerating is a bit… disorienting.


Me? piss you off? Never! :stuck_out_tongue:


When would you have the time to determine whether or not you’ve passed your destination to stop holding Shift and pressing a ‘decelerate’ key? And I did say I’m not into cinematic tooling.


I just love flying around in free camera mode. The world is so beautiful, and even if you buy the super expensive Pegasus mount, you can’t fly in the game. So your free camera mode is basically the only way to “fly” in the game. :sweat_smile: But with the current control, you either fly around pretty slowly, or at an acceleration speed that’s very difficult to control. (you basically have to keep tapping shift to move fast but avoid ending up on the other side of the world, and the accelerating and sudden deceleration is disorienting)

So it would be great to have a constant fast speed while pressing shift. The ideal would be to also have an accelerate and decelerate button to control the shift speed. (so basically a constant speed while holding shift and a “select speed while holding shift” option in wemod)

But anyway, thanks for this cheat. :wink:


I’ll think about it for later.

Anyway, finished with the multipliers. Trainer update in a bit.



Many thanks.

I was reading the code (now removed)… interesting. :wink: Is there a way to see the source code of wemod cheats and modify the cheats for personal use?


Can’t wait to test out those damage multipliers. been waiting for that feature quite a bit.