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Assassin's Creed Odyssey Cheats and Trainer for Uplay


The Assassin’s Creed Odyssey cheats have been updated!


  • Hook Player Damage Multiplier cheat added
  • Player Damage Multiplier cheat added
  • Hook Adrestia Crew Damage Multiplier cheat added
  • Adrestia Crew Damage Multiplier cheat added

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


Noticed a cheat table being worked on for editing inventory. Good be a fun project for you Sunbeam. Might be time consuming to make though considering the amount of gear plus the variety between them (rarity, color schemes) plus the ability to edit stats/stat slots. Plus you’d have to find their IDs and from what I’ve read, Ubi has made that much harder than Origins.


holy damn man this is amazing tnx for the update hopefully everything works for everyone


This Update got me excited enough to make a new save game lets gurr


Enjoy :slight_smile:


Legend. I’ve not had any issues as of yet (Steam version). Thanks


Your very simple fix worked for the resource picker. You da man.


Have changed the hotkeys in this new update :slight_smile: You can always reset to the default ones by clicking the hotkey, then pressing Backspace. Just in case you didn’t know, not that you’d need it :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, the Ship Stamina is not working and the resources cheat does not seem to work. crashes the game once activated. It’s also crashes the game if Unlimited Ammo is used.

I hope you are slowly getting around to fixing these issues.

Thanks for the awesome trainer though. :smiley:


Everything should work it did for me this morning unless there was a new update for ac


No idea what is going on on your end. If you have TeamViewer, I can take a look. DM me on Discord, please. Works for everyone else…


Just tested the steam version and everything is working fine. At least on my end.


How may I contact you via discord? That’s is quite interesting… Each time I try to execute resources… Like the Ancient Tablets… It just crashes to desktop lol.


Does the resources function work for you? As it crashes my steam version. Lol


no issues at all. Do you have any resources or are they at zero?


He created a fix that I completely overlooked lol. The free camera hotkey has something to do with the game crashing, make sure your resource picker hotkey is something different than the free camera hotkey and that should do it!


Hell yeah Sunbeam! :smiling_imp: Damage Multiplier finally made its way! You ace man! :hugs:


And you can leave it on at any time; doesn’t interfere with other game calculations. Cheers!


Hi, everything works for me except ship stamina. I haven’t done anything with my game, it toggles on and off just fine, but for some reason the stamina still depletes. I have the steam version. It’s not a huge deal, but I didn’t want Kevwan to feel alone lol


Option works fine. Just make sure you don’t overlap hotkeys, so other options are toggle on by mistake.

LE: In WeMod, press Ctrl+Shift+D. Run game, wait to load. Click PLAY once you’re in game world. Take a screenshot of the orange WARN lines you’ll see in that console.