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Hey there, just letting know so when you can, to take a look at the ship edits.
ship health and ammo are working however stamina is not.


Lol, was typing at the same time with ya :slight_smile: Just learned it doesn’t work. Some people on Discord are nice like that and let me debug the game via TeamViewer. Think you can do the same in the future?


Crack up lol
oh is this bug for certain people or you will use teamviewer to help find out why its happening.
To then apply update to trainer for everyone?
Be willing to if it helps you and get the trainer working.
Let me know if you want to teamviewer and how to do so.



Steam and UPlay versions of this game come with different EXE files. Although having the same name, the code Denuvo unpacks is not sequentially compiled in two executables. Furthermore, Denuvo inserts its own code in-between game function code… which means this will happen:

Left is UPlay dumped version; right is Steam dumped version. If you look at the line with +10 you will see they are identical in both versions; however, line +2A in UPlay version is +2E in Steam version… because the long JE in UPlay version (line with +1F: 6 bytes) is a short one in Steam version (line with +1F: 2 bytes). And because of that the FreeCam doesn’t work… as the right spots aren’t properly hooked.

Blame optimization and Denuvo for that. Am working on some way to get those spots dynamically… so I don’t hardcode offsets.

If all the above is Chinese… ignore it :smiley:


Most likely it’s mandarin for 90% of the people here. But nice to see that Denuvo is still a piece of ■■■■.


Or greek for that matter :smiley:


As of the Newest update 11/1/18 Unlimited Ship Stamina does not work.


Give the man some time to update


You may just need to go into the readme.txt file and change your version to 1.06. For whatever reason that has not been updating on this game. He updated it yesterday so that may get things proper again.


Is anyone else having issues with the resource picker when they choose to pick gold? It seems like no matter how much gold I choose to get, when I actually activate the cheat it crashes my game entirely… not that it’s a HUGE issue, but obviously I’m not against cheating if I went out and willingly downloaded WeMod haha. If anyone can relate or has some sort of fix, that would be awesome! Thanks a ton!

Edit: So originally I was only trying to get gold with the resource picker while experience the crash. I went back and double checked, and unfortunately it seems that no matter which resource I choose, my game will crash either way.



  • figured a way to kick Denuvo’s ass, beating the “nanomites”
  • found the damage multipliers for player attacks (Hunter, Warrior, Assassin damages) and ship attacks (Arrow, Ramming, Javelin damages)
  • wasted several hours figuring out the DamageEvent parameters :wink: now I know the Entity and EntityGroup of the ships involved in combat; purpose… making this player-sided (although it’s fun to watch ships fighting… who hits first does insta-kill; am at final chapter without the possibility to pay for notoriety decrease… so level 5; it’s fun at sea when all mercs come out to play and shoot each other out…)
  • fixed ship stamina offset-to-structure (auto-acquired now) and offsets used in the toggling (same here)
  • will investigate resources option (might be a hardcoded offset in there that has changed; in which case I’ll scan for it in the future)

To be posted sometime today.



mate your time and effort does not go by unnoticed. thanks again for sorting issues


Much apprecaited


On my end I have no crashes, just tried it. You have the Steam version? Can someone with Steam version confirm resourcing works? Again, you need to have something in your inventory; having 0 won’t do anything.


I’m using the steam version, and resource picker is work just fine for me. No issues at all.


Yup working fine here too.


hello my good sir im still having an issue on steam version with free camera and ship stamina might this be a problem on my side?


FreeCam was fixed and I was told there are no crashes. By a Steam user. No idea what your issue is. Please explain; detail; enunciate full phrases/sentences. “I have issues” doesn’t help me. Ship Stamina is a known issue. Should be fixed in today’s update.


when i enable the free cam and i try to move the game freezes and closes thats all it does