Assassin's Creed Odyssey (Uplay+) Cheats and Trainer for Uplay

I’ve honestly never used that option just the mega XP to level up faster

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can I use this trainer for the game if I already own it or is just for the uplay plus??

This is for uplay + the other trainer is for if you own the game


yep, sadly unlimited ability points doesnt work i hope this get updated soon. also i think it would be better if you could add your self 5 skills every click (just my opinion).

does unlimited resources or items include orichalcum fragments ?

No that’s an online item

i cannot get this to work with my game. I am not a Uplay+ subscriber, but i own the normal uplay version and the season pass. no matter which EXE i use (ACOdyssey vs ACOdyssey_plus) this trainer cannot detect the game when it is running. i have set it for both EXE’s, both running from the WeMod app and from running after the game loads, neither work. all other trainers seems to be out of date, and the MrAntiFun site, like the app, only has the Uplay+ version of the trainer

You need to use the standard trainer, not the uplay+ version.

as i said, it is out of date

Everything still works in the standard version.

no it doesn’t, i was using it last night, it was glitching and enemies were not taking damage, or at least they were taking so little damage it didnt matter. hence why i am looking for a solution

Don’t set the damage multiplier so high. Once you set it too high it has a negative effect.

thank you i will try this.

but let me say, there seems to be an issue from MAF site, the latest 3 trainers are all wemod installers, and it seems to only be for Origin, Steam and Uplay+ but it seems by the comments that there was an up to date version for the uplay one, but it was superseded. this seems unintentional.

All versions are up-to-date. Game updates don’t necessarily mean the trainer is broke or needs to be updated.

i know that, that’s not what i am saying. i’m saying that MAF seemingly had a trainer for the normal Uplay version, at least according to the comments on his site, before he updated it to support Uplay+ that trainer seems to be unavailable because the only one on the app is sunbeams. MAF’s trainers do not seem to be available on the normal Uplay version, it’s not only about being up to date, it’s about having the option to use the MAF trainer which typically has superior features, and seems to have existed but is not available anywhere

If I use unlimited ability points, I will not get any new skill points afterwards

You won’t earn any from leveling up, no :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyone have an issue where the unlimited ability points isn’t unlimited but a set number?

The one for uplay+ doesnr give unlimited ability points. Only gives like 300😔

This is a limit by the game, not the trainer

Alright. How this option works: the game uses your current level and accumulated (invested) points in the calculation. Once you start adding points to the tiers, each point is summed up. So, when you click the ADD ABILITY POINTS button (or use the hotkey) it may look like nothing is happening. First-up, cycle between two tabs (click on another, then get back to Abilities tab to see the update happening). Secondly, if nothing still doesn’t show up, then you have to add more points (press it several times). Why? Because adding 5 points might still be under the total you’ve accumulated. The logic is this: total_accumulated_points - player_level + 1 = 0. Yes, math. Bottom line: press the key one time, if still 0, press again and so on. Till you see more than 0 in the Abilities tab. Lastly, yes, when you level up, you will NOT receive additional points till you get to a level where the amount you’ve added through WeMod trainer matches the total you’re suppposed to have at that given level. In short, you can see this as a “enabling abilities earlier in the game” feature.