Assassin's Creed Odyssey (Uplay+) Cheats and Trainer for Uplay

Hi, the MEGA EXP not working for Uplay+


ayo why does it keep crashing my game bruuh

When using trainer teleport with the unlimited hp on falls and death shows full hp have to restart the game

mega xp is not working on ac origins and valhalla all cheats work

crashes game if you use them in menu

would be pretty neat if the game didn’t crash when using this


Found a solution for mega xp, the current version of mega xp is bugged i guest, so you will have to use the old trainer they had. All you have to do is click history(it should be under play in wemod) then click on the oldest version you see and then start your game!
By the way the mods that are in the new trainer are the same as the old so dont freak about using the older version for the time being.

before i heard it might be cuz ur using uplay+ idk but maybe if u tried steam of norm uplay it would work idk just something i heard a while back

Hello there seems to be a problem with the uplay+ version the cheats work but the game randomly crashes afterwards i know its not my copy or system since it works just fine without them i am thinking of buying it but i want to know which version is working as of now

most of cheat dont work or they work with mobs as well

Good evening, the Mega XP is not working and when I activate it, it deactivates immediately afterwards. Can you help me?

Same problem

I’m having problems with the health cheat, do we have any idea when the update is comming?

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I’m still having issues with the health cheat after the update. If I step on a fire or any trap I die and the game gets stuck in my death pose. I have to restart the game to continue playing.

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Those are likely scripted events then. Not much can be done besides avoiding traps or fire.

for things like high jumps without the skill that makes you take no dmg from the highest of jumps yea thats scripted and you will die fire just puts me to 1 hp for 1 ms then back to full cuz god mode same goes for traps

For me it is the combination of having 1 hit kills on, without having it on, I haven’t had the problem instant death/not dead, from fire/tele.


  • one hit kill option causes immediately death of the character either
    when caught on fire, or, when the character is knocked off.
  • Teleport sometimes sends player below ground. Stop process required in Windows.

Other options work well. (I set ON 7 other options all the time)

Good evening, the F5 (Enable Stealth) cheat doesn’t seem to be working for me. I was seen in a restricted area.

Why Uplay+ doesn’t have damage multiplier? Or have exact same cheats as Steam Version?