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Assassin's Creed Origins Cheats and Trainer for Steam




The resources does not seem to affect carbon crystal, shards of a star, and silica? Thanks


They are not considered resources and as I’ve said multiple times you find plenty without the cheats. STN has no plans to redo the cheats for that.


Oh sorry, I didn’t know this question was asked before. I tried to search all the posts before I made it. Anyway, thanks for everything else :slight_smile:


No, because the game closes regularly (I have a 1070 and is not a crash)


1k XP option seems to do nothing for me. And before you ask, yes, I did read the info, and yes I did try opening the abilities menu and switching tabs. Infinity makes the sound, but nothing happens.


Switch between tabs, open close etx


Would it be able, to add an EXP MULTIPLIER?


Infinite boost for the chariot races would be divine


Is there anyway to reverse any of the cheats, for example, I gave myself infinite money but my game saved right after and now I can’t get back to the original value. Any ideas?




Start a new game ! Thats about it


Darn, well thanks anyways.


Might be able to use cheat engine if the money can deplete (as in not infinite and just a very large number)


Infinity launchers puts the current edition of this trainer at december 31st 1969, any fix on this yet?


Ignore that and try it anyway? It’s a new feature, of course there will be some kinks. Trainer works nonetheless


For some weird reason, im not sure if it was mentioned before but when ever i have Infinity running, my frame rates drop and it gets all stuttery. The cheats work fine but just the frame rates get all shitty.


Sometimes antivirus will play games like that with frame rates or another program too
And yes it has been mentioned a few times with other games as well


Any info on ship health?


Hi can u guys add in infinite health for shio. thanks