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loving the trainer but i duno if its just me or if any one else is having the same problem that im having but when im running the game with out the trainer the game runs really smooth but when i turn on say infinite health or some thing like that the game lags alot and drops frames i duno if its just me or not as i have no issue running the game with my setting with out the trainer running but when i turn it on it lags my game

Update: after some testing on some of the individual cheats the one i have so far come across that is making my game lag in the unlimited knives i still have more to test out witch i will do later (Sleep Time)

same here it drops bad like unplayable on 1080 graphics card 16 gb of ddr4 ram and window 10 runs fine without trainer.

forgot to mention only the infinite health works fine on my end

Yea same Im having that problem too. It really is unplayable.

@CDB909 @rsdal24 @alienwarfare Can you guys check now.

yep, i tried every one of them. It works perfect. I just had a question about the note u made for the Ghost mode feature. Is that note intended for all of the features, or for that one feature?

For ghost mode only, for checkpoints and scripted events you need to disable ghost mode otherwise you wont be able to progress in game…

ok thanks for answering my question and thanks for updating the mod

All working good now but one thing i find a lil wired is that with the unlimited cloth metal etc it only goes up to 99 but yet to upgrade stuff its over that much is there anyway to make it more then 99 or does it game freeze ?

Crafting materials stuck at 99?

yeah mine are stuck at 99

the crafting materials are stuck at 99 this makes it impossible to craft high end gear.

Let me fix that

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Check now

its working now :slight_smile:

Maps bought with trainer credits don’t seem to work

its working now thx @STiNGERR

Mine is not working getting error 9 when I checked for error it showed failed to load trainer dill and last win 32 0x000000c1 errors please let me know if you have any solutions