Assassin's Creed Syndicate Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I have the steam edition of the game, though it seems more integrated in uplay now too. I am using the ‘old’ trainer without issue.

Just select ‘History’ and then select the prior trainer dated 5/4/2017 and it all seems to work just fine. I don’t hit ‘Play’ until I have already gotten the game all the way up and entered my current playthrough.

No crashes or other issues.

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I am referring to the Carriage Races. It’s been some time since I played it now, but I believe it is required to complete all the races in the 1st place for you to win maximum favor with one of the characters. And with that you would get some new equipment that is otherwise locked.

NB :
1st …the game must play from wemod launcher
2nd … after that in the real gameplay… the cheats option its going to working fine 100%…

I am using Steam game with steam cheats without opening menu like the info says but as soon as the money cheat is activated the game crashes to desktop.

@STiNGERR yo can we PRETTY PLEASE get an update man I mean we literally pay for this service

I FOUND A TRINER THATS WORKS legit website as well

just for the people having problems with trainer, start the game first, load in the game world first. then open cheat trainer and activate cheats

Doesn’t work for me at all. It doesn’t crash the game, but activating the trainer and pressing hotkeys does nothing.

start the game first, load in the game world first. then open cheat trainer and activate cheats

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Also, as I posted above, use the ‘history’ function of WeMod and use the immediate prior batch of cheats, more options, work fine.

Hello there

I highly wanted to suggest to add more options for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.
From what I see, it’s not enough. I wanted like infinite money, knives, smoke bombs,
bullets, experience, max skill points, medicines, hallucinogenic darts, volatile bombs,
fear bombs, spikes, chemicals, cloths, metals, leathers, and stealth mode. It would be
great to update with these more options into WeMod. Appreciate it.

Use the history button, pick the immediate prior version, see how that works out for you.

How do I find the history?

The previous one with more options is for Steam only, I use Ubisoft. Can you add more options for Ubisoft Platform just like the one for Steam?

would it at all be possible to get a version with more cheats. like stuff to do with ability points, resources and whatnot

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Use the history function in the upper right, choose the version immediately prior to current. Worked for me.

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hello you can put back the cheat invisibe but with interaction with objects of the quetes… with everything without problems… thank you