Assassins Creed Syndicate Trainer!

Hi Guys and Gals, Don’t know if this is my fault but I was using the Trainer for the above, I lost all my Knives, Bombs had to run real sharpish to a seller lol, would be grateful if it could be checked out:-)

OK here is my secret ( In Confidence) I have been with Cheat Happens Unlimited for 14 years with an annual subscription of $49:95 per year and I am getting quite fed up with them, The Assassins creed Odyssey Trainer kept vanishing from my Desktop, No cure for that, then 2 days ago they Retired the Trainer for Assassins creed Syndicate because they say basically it needs far to much work in updating (but that is what the subscription is for) so I was so happy and pleased that WEMOD had a Trainer for this game:-)
The other Big deal for me is that I got back my updated PC AWESOME and so happy.:slight_smile:

Hello there! :slight_smile:

This might be related to the fact that you possibly switched trainer suppliers? A trainer from elsewhere might work slightly differently to a trainer from WeMod, hence the issue you had with consumable weapons when switching trainers? Just a theory, unable to test myself as I do not have the game installed.

To be fair to those particular rivals of ours (which is rare, because they are a quite greedy bunch), AC: Syndicate does have a pretty aggravating anti-cheat system that needs to be bypassed in order for a trainer to work effectively. We have reports of some issues with trainers working on AC: Syndicate here as well - and it’s the game developer’s fault for being annoying buggers.
But we haven’t given up trying. Check out this post here by a fellow staff member, @Instinct: Assassin's Creed Syndicate Cheats and Trainer for Epic Games - #27 by Instinct.

Hi Ravenfyre, Thank you so much for your reply, my membership with CHU runs til November 20, they have no idea that i am using WeMod and you are correct about them being Greedy about 18 months to 2 years they have slowly todate had a website refit the money over the last 2 years seems as if it has been rolling in, the man who seems to do the day to day is called Chris O’Rourke and has a bad attitude, they retired the AC Syndicate because of what you have said they are always complaining about being overworked the boss trainer maker called Cal that’s all I know him by and the top dog is called Peter username is Nevermore, as for me I have been a full paying annually member for 14-years another Trainer from CHU is AC Odyssey that trainer keeps vanishing from my Desktop but WeMods Trainer works fine so CHU are cutting corners in a bad way sooner or later they will suffer.

The good news from me is that tomorrow Sunday i am purchasing PRO looking forward to that:-) OK Ravenfyre have a good week-end whats left lol and Thank you again.
Kind regards.