Assassin's Creed Unity Cheats and Trainer for Steam

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now i just need it to go onsale on steam.

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Well made as always STN.
I’m not dying for it but unlimited lock picks would be a good addition. Seriously though, don’t sweat launching this buggy ass game for it though. Thanks a lot!


does this work with the uplay version??

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after update my cheats dont work anymore. its uplay and was working before update

What happens when you press Play? Do the cheats load into the game? Can you hear hotkey sounds?

it launches and the cheats make the chime sound but dosent active

i was just playing it and then i seen the update so i closed the game, updated and then this

the trainer on mine seems to not work with the game and/or crashes it if i turn the trainer off

Yeah the game anticheat. Make sure you follow the instructions. Its pretty hit and miss especially on v3

one question, where do i find the instructions you speak of?

In infinity itself next to individual cheats

every time i get the game to work you guys to an update and mess it all up. now i can’t use the cheats any more without it crashing. glad i didnt buy the PRO version

This game has anticheats and that causes crashes not infinity.

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I know that this thread is kinda abandoned but the lockpicks aren’t infinite.
Is this intentional? or is it a bug? or TBA?

The only two things that work for me are unlimited creed points and unlimited sync points? Is this trainer outdated and if so it would be nice to see an update.

Up to date. Read trainer notes

That’s not true, I disabled Uplay’s Anti-cheat and it still crashes.