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Assassin's Creed Unity Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I have the same problem, I don’t know how to solve it.

Read trainer notes

I did but whenever i do, it just crashes, i turned Uplay offline with the hope that it’d turn the anti-cheat off but that doesn’t work, I also tried other ways like changing it in the Shortcut properties but it still crashes.

The game has heavy anticheat and i wish i could say it was crash free but sadly, nope. You will have to get some crashes before it actually works.

Blame ubisoft for this :S

I am with the game in version 1.5, it activates but when I play it or does not work any of the codes or closes the game, is there anything that should be done?

Read trainer notes

I use steam version but every time I have cheats on and the game loads it crashes

Read trainer notes

Im using the uplay version and it crashes after 10 seconds when i press Continue in the main menu PLEASE HELP I WANT TO PLAY WITH CHEATS

and also im not on a mission i was going TO a mission and when i broke and alarm belll (before the mission) it crashed
(im on Sequence 3 memory 1)

im good also my game doesnt crash as often now idk why its fixed itself but it only crashes when i start a new SEQUENCE so you might want to restart you pc or game when you go to a new sequence (it worked for me)

Read trainer notes. This game has douche level anticheat and that’s why it crashes (game detects you cheating).

Cause Ubishit :slight_smile:

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Ghost Mode not working.
The first time it worked but now it’s not working anymore.

Read trainer notes. This game has severe anticheat problem

I have lot of crashes with the trainer

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Read trainer notes. This game has severe anticheat problem

Hello there!

Is it possible to add an “unlimited lockpick” option?

Also, is there a way to fix the “unlimited ammo?” It works on pistols, but when I use the musket, it does not seem to work. `

I can’t get the infinite money to work even though everything else works fine and the is no trainer note on it

Do the same for money. All cheats have similar notes.

If it’s not working, say a big fock you to Ubisoft for being assholes and request a refund. I can’t really help further.

Version 1.5
When I activate Refill Health before a mission, in the main menu, or in a mission. It ALWAYS crashes after like 5 minutes of playing when cheats are on. Please help Fix!