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ASTRONEER Cheats and Trainer for Steam


ok, that fixed it um partially, as long as neither unlimited recources or unlimited oxygen is activated when creating a canister it’s fine and fill it up a bit before turning either of the cheats on.

However now I cannnot dig any ores with either of the cheats on. they both break the ores and gives you unfinished pieces in your backpack that can’t be moved -_-


Can you send me your savegame?


want me to break everything I can break before sending it ?


NO. I want to recreate what is happening to you. I am at the very start of the map with nothing to mine etc so no issues that you’re having.


Just FYI anything changing the resource in your inventory with the mods on spurts unfinished resources like a volcano. Here’s a picture of the result of a smelter.


I found that too


my game also has left me unable to collect my resources!!!


for now don’t use resources and oxygen and you can collect resources @Geminiher6288


The ASTRONEER cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


Should be fixed now. It only makes the resource you put in the box for crafting unlimited now.


I now have unlimited aluminum. Before I switched off infinity I put a resource in my smelter. It just keeps making blocks now.


Try the new update. Stop responding to him


Same for me too. Also, the canisters do not fill up with resources and the mineral extractor does not copy materials because the soil level is like a third of full


Same here. Trying to mine resources gives me unlimited unfinished resources that i cannot even pick up


after noticing this, i even turned off the cheat to no effect. With the Unlimited Resources cheat on then turning it off it still has the unlimited unfinished resources effect.


Just actually noticed that turning off oxygen turns off the problem.


ok, just tested the update you just pushed.
And with unlimited oxygen turned on you get full oxygen blocks.
however with unlimited oxygen ON you also get broken ore blocks.
other then that the trainers is working perfectly


I just noticed that the rockets now lose fuel and the mineral extractor needs soil. It used to be set at about a third of the way full and would never change even if you put soil or fuel into the rockets and mineral extractors. Is there a way to allow “infinite” fuel and or soil so that you can travel without having to get stuff for hydrazine catalyzer?


Unlimited Resources…


Disable oxygen. It’s not the resource cheat. Read trainer notes.