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ASTRONEER Cheats and Trainer for Steam


But those are canisters and I haven’t turned the oxygen cheat before.


you really need to need to do something about oxygen ruining resources tho (if/when you got the time) :slight_smile:
Other then that: AWESOME JOB MAN!


Can you add this version for windows store?


I agree because it is nice to have infinite resources and stuff, but I use oxygen to explore and stuff so it is annoying to have to turn the oxygen on and off all the time. Also, if you could add the feature to have infinite soil in mineral extractors and infinite fuel in rockets that would be a cool future update.


infinite rockets, OH BOY… I’m strapping one of those on a rover asap and aim it at a ramp to go off planet


Something’s wrong with the inf resourses and either needs to be fixed or removed. its never not off, and causes cascading issues


it’s destroyed the game and i cant use any of the cheats or it gets turned on



Thank you so much STN for making this trainer! This is exactly what I needed!


This is great! U use oxygen to mine things (You must have a full inventory) Then you restart ur game and you get a billion resources.


Game was updated today needs new trainer. Just letting you know


Sorry to say but you’re going to wait for a long time


It’s true. I fcking hate this game so much because it literally is a new game with each update ( NO not gamewise, code-wise). Fcking piece of ■■■■ game devs can’t make up their shitty minds about going in one direction with this game.

I’d give it half a year unless the trainer becomes popular somehow which i doubt



Yo some of my infinity trainer like Infinite Bites and Resource for astroneer do not work.
I try to turn them on but they turn off. @STN.


Steam version?



None of the cheats even want to turn on. They just display a block symbol and won’t let me turn them on…



Says V0.8.0.0, nothing is working for me, bytes and resources wont stay on, and when you have oxygen or unlimited energy enabled, it spews empty red disks everywhere :slight_smile:

Forever a legend in my eyes if you could get this sorted and running, nothing is working :frowning:


I even launched the game through Infinity but still nothing .-.