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ASTRONEER Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Come on man. it’s right above your post


The ASTRONEER cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


the unlimited resources mod isn’t working as I expected… it kinda duplicates when I craft in my inv but thats it, it doesnt ignore crafting items so to me its kinda pointless. it also duplicates only 1 time per resource. can you make it working for all the crafting options+ that it will ignore the crafting materials? that would be really nice. the unlimited bytes works great, the unlimited energy doesnt give the land vehicles unlimited energy and the infinite oxygen works perfect. oh after some testing i found out that the unlimited resources also kinda duplicates the thing youre refining so now i have like 30 titanium instead of 3.


btw i hope that this was useful for the update of the mods, but if i was you i would wait for the 1.0 version to patch it.


now i get it, if u use the unlimited oxygen cheat, it wil dup items u harvest but you have to relog otherwise u cant use the materials.


Does this come with a instant build from crafting items with no resources like the vehicle bay?


There is no Instant Build cheat listed currently for this trainer, sorry! :slightly_smiling_face:


Infinite resources dont work?


Has there been another update to the game p


Yes, the reason it isn’t working is that there is a cover on the print so you can’t click it


A cover over the print ? Well. Scroll the page up and down. Back out after starting the game at least try a few things


Unlimited Oxygen is kind of broken. Whenever I collect Organic (Maybe other materials too), It just gives me a portion of it and doesn’t let me remove it from my inventory. image


Same for me


I rlly love astroneer and now that 1.0 is out I am rlly hyped. I hope they update the trainer as soon as possible.


They will tell you “Vote for an update” for this game, but in reality it was updated 29 days ago by STN so by my guess it will be a little bit of a wait.

For tracking purposes there are currently 174 out of 1923 votes needed for the update to be put on the to-do list.


The first 2 cheats are still working in 1.0.4

the Unlimited Resources cheat can crash the game if its akitive while useing the Shredder
and it also dont worke one the Smale Printer

200 votes left 4 an update :3
So i think i can ask for some new cheats meyby

instent Crafting printing etc (pls bring it back)


Would love to see "GOD "mode or something that would keep me alive while i dive to planets core…


how does the unlimited recourse cheat work?


The trainer doesn’t work needs an update.


The votes hit. hope for an update soon!