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ASTRONEER Cheats and Trainer for Steam


They changed the game completely, crafting system isn’t what it was before,bytes are what matters now and it seems you can craft anything with bytes now.


Okay, well understand that the crafting system was changed, but what do you mean “You can craft anything with bytes”? I’m probably being stupid tbh. Love the cheats still BTW! <3


Oh yea, and i cant get unlimited energy to work either


it could be cool if there was a cheat that would let the player build anything they want without haveing to use stuff to make it. when useing the fabricator,etc the things needed to make the desired machine would instanly pop up in the fabricator slots same goes with vehicle bay, printer, small fabcricator, backpack-fabricator,


I agree and bytes do not craft things you need to get bytes to unlock things to craft in answer to STN above


Is there a way you can add a cheat that makes it so you can ignore crafting requirements?


Read a couple comments up. Stn said the game changed so it dont work


@STN Honestly I have no idea what you are talking about. I have been playing the game extensively of late and if there is a way to turn bytes into resources or objects its not in the patch notes or listed anywhere in the game and I just collected my first astronium. If you have a way to use bytes to make things please let me know as my 10k byte surplus would love a use.

I understand If you dont have time to keep up with all of the games you support here, not trying to get on you or anything, I just spend 2 hours trying to figure out what you were talking about.


Oh wow. I confused this bytes thing because it unlocked several items that were then available to me. So all it is good for is unlocking things.


yea it just unlocks the blueprints.


Love this mod, but I think you guys should re-add ignore crafting requirements.


It’s not possible anymore


@STN I am having a similar problem in that i cant seem to get it to work with CE even without scripts. have you thought of doing something with the trade platform? forcing it to have a value so that you can just order what you want?




@STN the trade platform, you put stuff on and trade it for other things. different things are worth different amounts so I stuck a bunch of titanium on to see if i could lock in the trade value and get what I want that way. but I am not having any luck so it might not be possible.


What did the astroneer devs do to make it imposible?


Why you replaced cheat “ignore crafting requirements” on “unlimited bytes” !?
You could just add another cheat. :c

Please add this back!!!


When the creators changed the core mechanics of this game, that “cheat” doesn’t work anymore. However, everything you make is half the amount needed. You need two lithium to make one battery. Well now it only needs one to make one battery. Another one is, it would normally take 4 aluminum to make one large vehicle but now it only takes 2. That’s how it goes when a games goes through a drastic change like that.


Ok, thanks for the explaining


Yo @STN Why not add back “Ignore Crafting Requirements?” It would be great, or else these game cheats wouldn’t be much of a cheat besides the Unlimited Bytes. Thankyou.