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Staff Roster:

[OWNER] B4DGE (RZRClanLeader)

[CO-OWNER] Bradez1571 (Brad1571)

[HEAD ADMIN] Dazzuh (Dazzzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaa)

All former staff must re-apply.


I will be accepting any cash amount through pay-pal. I pay for this server with MY money, and I can’t get a job yet. Donations help so much, and it will get you special permissions in the server. Any amount is accepted, but you must donate at least $2.50 to get the permissions. :smile:


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XboxMB Username:
Minecraft Username:
Skype Username:
Skype: (Y/N)
Position: [Moderator / Admin]
Past Minecraft Experience:
Time Playing Minecraft:
Stupidity Check: 7 x 6= ? (NO CALCULATORS!)
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You must have at least 25 thanks to be able to participate as staff in my server.

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90% of people now have 1.0 so it’s gona be hard.

I would like to join: Bradez1571

EDIT: 1.7.3,
When you update to 1.0.0, I’ll join.

Okay, I upgraded to 1.0.0 bukkit.

Last time I did this is changed all my water to ice, and when I went back to 1.7.3, it stayed. I removed most of it with wand. Anybody know how to change the biome or whatever? And how do I edit thread titles… lol.

When editing your post, click go advanced.

Server is officially 1.0.0 and It will be up soon. Just editing the MOTD really quick.

Okay hit me up.

  • Water changes to ice because you are in an ice biome.

Brad, your added. So I can’t change the biome or anything?

whitelist M4X_THE_CR33P3R

Whitelist me, pavman23.

I’ll come for the time being until XboxMB’s sevrer is back up.


Your both added. If it doesn’t let you in, tell me, I may have to restart the server.

Whitelist lx3krypticx :smile:

It says im not whitelisted. Type /reload

Reload complete. DFM I will get you in a bit.

Read the op!

No more whitelist, and no more bukkit for now!

Survival on a brand new world. Join my ip!

But also no more plugins… please don’t use TMI!

Thank you for being nice when I joined.

Sorry to move the biome you need to get out that area, a way to do it is to use the nether and set home. Then you can go back and destroy the nether and type /spawn and that place will no longer be there.

Your welcome. < 3

I can apply for staff, KylerFTW is my name. I would like to be a Admin but Moderator is fine too.

I have experience with commands and minecraft servers. I have ran 2 in the past and one is still standing today, has about 10 daily players still. I know how to edit code (a bit) but am not a complete expert.

Must say, I am not the best builder but still like the have fun.

P.S. I can format the post then send you the update post so you can update it? I just hate seeing unformated posts.

Join. I took of the whitelist a while ago.