Beasts of Bermuda

I understand this isn’t related to this game, however, I’m uncertain where else I could post this message so it can be seen, I’d like to suggest a game to be modified. It’s called “Beasts of Bermuda”.


First of all, I split your post from the thread it was unrelated to. If a post doesn’t belong in a specific thread, it belongs in its own, separate thread. :slight_smile:

Beasts of Bermuda, is an online (or server-sided) game. Trainers are only for single player (or client-sided) games. This is for moral, technical and legal reasons.

Trainers are only made at WeMod (if they are single player) if there are enough WeModders who own the game. These statistics are detected automatically by the WeMod software.
Learn more about how trainers get made: Game Queue & Boosts - WeMod Support.

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