Black ops 1 Gpd mods (no jtag/rgh)

BLack ops 1 GPD mods (no jtag/rgh).

Decided to post a pretty good modded gpd (that i made) for black ops 1, and a tutorial to go with it!
They don’t require any sort of modded console but still have most of the fun “mod menu” stuff. But you don’t actually get a menu, just keybinds. (better than nothing, right?) Oh, and this thing is mainly for “zombies”, but some of it should work for campaign as well.


  1. go to storage, look if you have a update/patch file for black ops 1, and if you do, delete it.
  2. Get a account/profile on the usb. (you will need to have played the game once)
  3. Open up the profile in horizon, click at the "content tab, look for “41560855.gpd”.
  4. Now replace it with this file.
  5. save changes
  6. Disconnect your xbox live connection.
  7. Plug in the usb into your console.
  8. Load the profile up.
  9. Start the game
  10. select the storage device that has the profile on it.
  11. Start zombies on five/kino der toten in solo mode.
  12. when loaded up, press the "back button to activate no-clip, press it again to disable it.
  13. If step 12 worked, you have done it right. If nothing works, you did it wrong.


  • God mode
  • Clear all AI
  • NoClip
  • Guns
  • Unlimited ammo
  • Toggle timescale
  • Toggle movement speed
  • magic_chest wont move.
  • Toggle third person
  • Toggle FoV
  • Custom gravity (looks awesome)
  • Toggle Visions
  • Far melee
  • Teleport
  • High jump
  • Unlimited sprint


If you have any question (or suggestion), feel free to reply to this thread or pm me. :smile:

Bump and big update.

Is this only for Zombie Game Mode?

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Would love to try this but I gave my cod black ops to my cousin. I give a lot of my games to my cousin. lol.


Some features (like NoClip) should work for campaign too. Thanks for the feedback, going to display that in the next thread-update.

Haha, did the same thing with my ps2 games. But thanks for the feedback!

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If this is anything like the .gpd from a long time ago then all the mods should work for campaign.

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can i get a PM of all that do work on campaign

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I’m not sure. I made this gpd for zombies and some of the code is zombies restricted (like pack-a-punch weapons, clear ai, teleport, etc.). Most of the commands will however work but when you edit the gpd, the campaign will reset itself and like with dvar mods, you will need to replace the gpd after every mission. So basically you will be stuck on the first mission.

is there an online mod

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No, they patched gpd mods.

so how do people go invivsible on bo1 multiplayer

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They use modified consoles, like jtags and RGHs.

You can also have a recovery done for an invis/godmode class. I have a couple accounts with them on MW3

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does this still work?

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Offline, yes. Online, no,

To elaborate, it will always work offline because you can always delete the latest title update and run GPD mods. You don’t need title updates to play BO offline. There was a time when online GPD mods existed but such mods have since been patched and because you do need the latest title update to play BO online, these mods will not work. You’d need a Jtag/RGH to mod BO, but I’d assume you wouldn’t be asking if you had one of the two.

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will this work on bo2?

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hey guys me and my friends really enjoy zombies on black ops one and unfortunately i dont have the dlc’s or anything. can anyone tell me where i can get the dlcs and put them on the usb???

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You will have to buy them unless you have a jtag/rgh

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how do u replace the file with the 1 u supported us with?

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Make a offline xbox 360 profile and save it to a flash drive. Start bo1 and exit once in the main menu (this should create a gpd file).

Now open up horizon and plug in the flash drive with your profile on it. Open up the profile and go to the tab with a bunch of files listed and replace the file with the same name. Press “save, rehash and resign” and you should be good to go.

Edit: I might have mistaken your question. Press the file and you should see a replace button.