Black ops 2, hacks for xbox 360

I myself don’t really want anything special, I don’t really care all that much about infinite ammo, although probably be nice.

I would just like someone to help me with getting hacks/mods for black ops 2, would love to get one that works for zombies, multi, and solo. but I’d like zombies and multiplayer most of all.

I also mostly just want everything unlocked, as well as all camo’s, everything else is awesome gravy.

Thanks, ^^

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yah same here… im tired of seeing people useing them… time to hit them back plz help me.

I suggest you buy yourself a modified console (JTAG/RGH) or browse Google for people who will happily provide you with what your after for a fee.

Hit who back? Modders? With what? More mods?

I hate people who use god mode and aimbot online in multiplayer I would love to have aimbot or god mode so I could teach them how it feels to destroy gamers who actually try to play the fair way but get our ass kicked with mods!

All the white knights…
Buy a console that can run third party code and hombrew like a RGH or Jtag. Profit ???

You have to have a bypass. Nobody is gonna walk you through this so I suggest you research it.

I have researched and everytime I find a aim bot patch it’s on a file sharing site that requires you to do surveys in order to download it

you are joking, right?

Why would I be joking?

At least if I had aim bot I could keep up with the hackers lol

Aight lemme tell you this- In order for any (and i repeat ANY) modifications on multiplayer/zombies for BO2, you need a Jtag/RGH. I’ll be publicly hosting this upcoming friday So stay active <3

will it be xp lobby? What jrpc do you use or patch?

I use a private tool lolz I got it from Camxxcore and i absolutely love it!! It will most likely be a “fill your bank on tranzit” lobby, xp lobby, or just a fun lobby. i do all sorts of them aha. Although the XP lobbies are kinda glitchy :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be kinda fun to play a little in a modded lobby, but i really dont want the xp , unlock and money stuff. Really dont feel like risking a ban for a game i dont even play anymore.

“I hate people who use god mode and aimbot”

“i want aim bot”

Are you a hypocrite or a r3tard?

Not a hypocrite would just like to hit the hackers back with a hack I think it would be funny I play the game about every night and somebody always goes like 62-2 or done crazy **** and never die it seems it ruins the gameplay for people who don’t cheat I wish they would get banned but it never seems to happen. Fps will eventually decrease in sales and nobody will play anymore because of hackers. Call of duty advanced warfare already dropped 40% in sales

I have never had any major problem with a hacker on xbox 360…
But you do know that there is a “leave” option, right?

Yeah but then it goes as a loss on my record

oh crap, a loss! Like that matters.

can u use a save from someone that has everything up to 100% then give it to him?


I went 78/4 last night and I don’t hack. I was playing with 2 other people that also do very well and don’t cheat.

I never comment in threads like this because I don’t condone modding Multiplayer, but with this post I had to.

To keep it short and sweet, you’re just complaining! I’ve been playing Call of Duty since Modern Warfare and have been honing my skills/tactics since. Just because someone is better than you or your team doesn’t mean you should cheat to excel. Plus, with many days played in Black Ops: 2, I’ve never once been in a game in which someone had mods!

…the most annoyance I’ve seen is in League Play; getting DDoS’ed by BKs that can’t win legitimately.

When it comes to getting mods for Black Ops: 2, like everyone has already stated, you’d need a modified console, but, if you were to ask me, all you’d be doing is fueling the flame.

I know this is or once was a modding website, but I just find it very rude to go into a Multiplayer game and ruin the game for everyone else because you can. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should always do it.