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Black ops 2 nuketown map dlc help

I downloaded nuke town then extracted it puted it in horizon then on my flash drive then the Xbox , id t didn’t appear under the standard maps

Is this because I don’t have the latest title update ?

Nuketown 2025 is free so you can just re download it.

Nuketown was also made free with a title update almost 5 years ago.

My Xbox 360 is offline only

It’s a good map, also why is it offline only?

Its probably a jtag or rgh. And he probably has No online

small question

where do i find the title update version for the game on the xbox 360

i went to games found black ops 2 seasrched the whole file and unlike skyrim the title update wasnt there

help pls

Check this thread out: Call of Duty BO2 Title Update 18

The bit my problem isn’t finding the tu I know where to get that from my problem is knowing WHAT tu to download since there is a long of updates and they are like 84 mg per update

And on top of all that I am SPECULATING that the problem is in the title updtae

This was the last title update:


Installed it outed it in the Xbox didn’t work

The problem is that I don’t know what the name for the latest title update to download is

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to find that out… Also, I’m an idiot lol, do you know your MediaID for your game? There are multiple MediaIDs to choose from in that list. You want to pick the highest number after “Update:” to ensure you get the latest title update for your version.

EDIT: This is the only trustworthy place to get RGH downloads as far as I know.

i am starting to get annoyed with dlc

for one i followed this guys instructions

i installed aurora and i have the latest title update

then i followed moded warfares instructions

still failed

what am i doing wrong

havent tried this guy yet�-Black-Ops-III&highlight=black+ops

Ok, so I checked out the sites where you followed instructions and they made sense to me. Unfortunately, I don’t have a modded 360 so I can’t test this for you to verify they work.

If you followed all instructions to a ‘T’ and it still doesn’t work, then I would start from scratch to reduce any chance of getting lost in the process. If you need any pointers, you know how to reach me :wink:.

Hold on

What do u mean by followed all the instructions to a t

what does a t mean

It means he followed them perfectly.
Is the dlc unlocked sometimes have to unlock them with like 360 content manager

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i sent it to my flash drive using horizon

is that considered to be unblocked

i have a theory

after this link also failed!kjBDUKwb!1DsqUxUT_Dm-UHLYXnL_ob1nDydY_Ox2wApN-krR6v0

it got me a theroy what if the problem isnt with the nuke town files themselves but in my game itself

I see he was here but for sure Steve " the 360 wizard " wonda would probably know if he wants to voice his opinion
@SteveWonda any ideas dude been trying for like a week lol

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