Black Ops Save Editor?!?1

Coming Soon.

by unknown v2

Is it diamond only?

Amazing work < 3

Can’t wait. It looks great.

It is not part of Horizon and will be available for all.

All free


I thought you wouldn’t/couldn’t make any COD editors anymore?


It is not part of Horizon and will be available for all.


Fake And Gay. ;3

Good work keep it up :smiley:

so wait cheater you arent making it? unknown is?

meaning that you shouldnt get in trouble like you did with your last one?

Thank you Unknown your going to make a horrible campaign fun for me.

wants to see the other tabs…

People notice how it says: By Unknown v2
Cheater DIDN’T make it. And from my understanding, since he had no part in it, that Activision **** doesn’t matter.

Usrs? Better work :laughing: unlike the other ones I see

Wow, looks great, can’t wait to use it. Can you give us an ETA?

Cod Tool 7?

“by unknown v2”. Cova yo ass. :smirk:

Looks great. Can’t wait to see it :smile:

This is why unknown is my fav horizon devi love all of them but he does tons of stuff behind the scenes hell he made the device explorer by himself.

Keep up the good work unknownv2! ETA guys?

Will this work with zombies? Like will be be able to do the carryover thing like we used to do in WaW?

Wish I kept Black ops so I could mod the **** out of it…It modded the **** out of me when I played…Modded me into a stay at home kid.

YAY :smile: