BLEACH Brave Souls Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Hey. The one shot doesnt work for me either. Tried to reinstall like 10 times and restart the pc also, but its just doesnt work. Any solution/ideas how to solve it?


(just paid 50+ euros for a year subscription to WeMod)

and I realize that the One-Hit Kill doesn’t work

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Same problem. I’m struggling with it for days. I reinstalled many times but nothing helps.

Okay, so basically the One-Hit Kills button is a little bit faulty I would say. When it works, it works in the intended way, but the problem is whenever you close the WeMod app and load it up later the One-Hit Kills won’t work, the only way you can fix it is by literally manually deleting the WeMod app, then go to the website, redownload it and then start it up, it is kind of annoying so I think a small update is needed here.

What does Unlimited EX Gauge do?

You have unlimited amount of soul bombs to use

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Thank you! I don’t Know how I didn’t catch that lol

It didnt help for me

la velocidad no sirve

si sirve solo que no mata algunos de un solo golpe

needs update one hit kill mod and fast movement does not work

one hit didnt work today. last night was okay

one hit kill has broken it turns off pls update not working anymore last night was was fine now is broken.

1hit-kill stopped working again…any chance to fix it?

i just downloaded this mod but it don’t work
i must be pro user to use it?

no, the trainer must need upgrade if no work

i upgrade it but one hit kill and speed don’t work
one hit kill when i actovate it disable automatic speed even if is on don’t work

when i say trainer need upgrade mean wemod need to upgrade to make trainer work

Okay, it has been a few days now, and it looks like it finally died.
For me personally, one hit kills and super movement speed don’t work. Even if I reinstall wemod, it seems the latest update messed up smth.
An update would be appreciated!

hello there. the trainer was working exept one hit kill it turns off the moment i turn it on! thanks for ur work and ur time!