Blurred image after latest update

As i noticed by DoktorBean’s post today earlier,this problem isnt just happening with me,after the latest
update of wemod i’ve been getting blurred images in any way,windowed,fullscreen,ctrl+shift+w,maybe this
is an incompatibility with my graphics card? i have no ideia.

it happens in everygame everywhere in the progam,and doesnt happen outside so it isnt a problem with
my pc

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I switched to Windows 11 my self and didnt use Wemod for a few days but im also getting that blurr effect in any possible way. Its not even useable.

If this is not getting fixed soon that i probely cancel my Pro because if i cant use it im not paying for it.

I also have this issue, as seen in another thread. I’ve tried every self-troubleshooting you can think of whether via hardware or software changes. I’m on Windows 10 Pro for reference. Nothing seems to fix this, which makes me believe it has to be in WeMod itself especially since so many people have this issue and no one can figure it out.

This is WeMod in fullscreen and it’s still pretty unbearable, and I promise the screenshot makes it look better than it is when fully up on my monitor.

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