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Borderlands 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


As reading on this thread I guess it works for some people and some it don’t cuz it works for me I have 320 keys by just trying it
And I don’t even use the keys
And maybe also I have the phone app and it mite only work from there ?


so when I say play, the game is just loading and before it starts it says failed to load cheat is it a time out thing or a problem?


Run the game yourself then attach infinity


So when I add keys or anything it says I get the extra 10 keys but acts like I didn’t add anymore when I try to spend them


You probably need to have 1 key already.


im having trouble with the add 100 badass tokens it wont add any for me, even when i spend a couple


Ya it’s kinda touchy usually don’t work too good and usually you have to spend one token first and also usually works only one time ! So does need fixed ( someday ) guess you will have to use gibbed


STN Could you add an expierience Points Option?


I have a problem. using the 10 golden keys cheat gives me an error and crashes the game… it doesn’t come up with an error it just says it encountered an error and needs to close.


use cheat engine, it’s really easy to do, idk about using it for XP though, i did it once it won’t let me do it again though. idk if i used exact xp value or level value. also cheat engine works for iridium because the iridium is slow but idk if it works for golden keys, the key cheat doesn’t work for me in infinity


Same for me.
(Steam version)


My toggles will not switch over to on even after I have loaded the game before I even try to use the cheats.

Can someone help me?



What is your game source and version?


Is it possible for you to make something for the torgue tokens and seraph crystals from the 2 dlcs,and maybe make the one-hit kill cause your attacks to do the on-screen damage cap,effectively doing the same thing but also destroying shields and assisting players in certain badass challenges like the one that requires you to one-hit shielded enemies with a sniper rifle


For the tokens, there is a save editor available in which you edit that to max.

As for the badass challenge for sniper 1 hit kill, you can max your rank and use zero build with a strong (save editor as mentioned) sniper and kill low level badass enemies easily, since you can change your playthrough on the fly.

You’re relying on the trainer too much when you can do it yourself.


I just recently got borderlands 2 for pc but on 360 I have completed every (non-dlc)badass challenge,but I really just enjoy the convenience of Infinity and it’s harder to do things like use save editors and download character saves when downloaded through steam,which makes me wish Infinity could help inject files and stuff like Horizon does.


How bout just use gibbed and the trainer ?
Ain’t nothing like gibs editor


How is a save editor on PC hard? There are video tutorials and text based support to help you, thats a bad excuse from your end.


Is there any way you could do an instant skill cooldown?


Could you guys add XP or something ?